Guardians of the World

Human's fear of disease has created werewolf, human's attempt to reanimate the dead had created the undead, and the diseased one's characteristics were exaggerated into the features of the vampires. All of these listed above are not genuine, but once majority of the area believes the story, it becomes true. The battle versus the imaginary monsters, [Mares], and the humans who are to protect the world from them.


8. The Depth of Mermaids [7]

Guardians of the World

The Depth of Mermaids

The relays of clashing blows had ceased when one side had became fatigued from the seeming never ending battle. The fierce waves have finally ceased to let itself be controlled by the furious invaders of the sea, the mermaids.

"Have you had enough?" The boy in a leather armor pointed his hands toward the mermaid.

"....It seems like my secondary plan won't be effective," The mermaid confirmed her complete loss.

"Do you have any wish before your tale reaches its endpoint?" Trace offered his last mercy.

"If that is the case, then I will ask you of something," The mermaid responded to the offer.

"You aren't just a homunculus alone, isn't it?" 

"If you want to prolong your life, I recommend you to stop talking!" Trace revealed signs of irritations for the first time.

"Do you think I fear death?" The mermaid's atmosphere turned heavily ominous, as if it wasn't the same mermaid that have forfeited before the death's door. 

"...Its always surprising to see the mare's true nature..."

The mermaid's final struggle before its death began with the frightening laugh of the mermaid. If we were to consider that the mermaid could be considered clever in the beginning, now it was more of desperate and more linear toward instinct. 

"You are....worthy of my pity...." Trace walked toward the broken end of the cliff.

"You may have been a mare, but you didn't have choice but to follow your primal instinct as the mare of the sea..."

Trace brought force something invisible from the nature.

"I will end your misery."


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