Guardians of the World

Human's fear of disease has created werewolf, human's attempt to reanimate the dead had created the undead, and the diseased one's characteristics were exaggerated into the features of the vampires. All of these listed above are not genuine, but once majority of the area believes the story, it becomes true. The battle versus the imaginary monsters, [Mares], and the humans who are to protect the world from them.


4. The Depth of Mermaids [3]

Guardians of the World

The Depth of Mermaids [4]

Toward the path to the waving cliff at the far edge of the town, the chief departed as soon as he was able to pinpoint the location of the cliff in the sighting distance. The thin, elderly chief had already been out of hearing distance by the time that Trace began to slowly examine the details of the area. When he had walked to the far end of the cliff, he was accompanied with the rush of waves reaching to the top of the cliff which was supposed to be taller than that of the three story houses. 

"Show yourself, the humanoid mare of the sea!" Trace positioned himself by steadily holding up to the pair of short knives.

"Are you the guardian that came to kill us?" Within the gigantic waves that had formed above the ten meter height of the narrow cliff, the one who lures the naval man into the sea, Mermaids, came to the existence.

"I am sorry to inform you that you have no chance against with such meager strength of a human."

The mermaid, with the flick of a finger, caused the gigantic waves that were equal to that of the natural disasters. Within a second, the two simultaneous waves severed the majority of the cliff, destroyed the nearby forest, and sent Trace upward in the sky.

"We already had a plan B if this wasn't enough for you."


"Young lady, it is the chief of the town, could you open the door for a second? That young man is in a grave trouble!" The chief, rushed to the town as soon as he heard the tremendous waves clashing against the land.

"I am sorry, but I can not."

"What do you mean? Are you willing to leave your master alone?" 

"My master, Trace Arches, already informed me of your relation to the mermaids!"

"...." The chief became silent for a moment before a rush of blows landed crashing on the inn door.

"Were you also informed about the 'Human who had survived the mermaid's lure?'" The chief caused the nearby water from the surrounding air and the environment to gather within his hand. He repeatedly landed heavy blow on the door and it was matter of the time before the entire door was to be torn apart.

"You knew more than what you should have!" 

The door was violently torn apart by the repeated blows of the water.  

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