Guardians of the World

Human's fear of disease has created werewolf, human's attempt to reanimate the dead had created the undead, and the diseased one's characteristics were exaggerated into the features of the vampires. All of these listed above are not genuine, but once majority of the area believes the story, it becomes true. The battle versus the imaginary monsters, [Mares], and the humans who are to protect the world from them.


3. The Depth of Mermaids [2]

Guardians of the World

The Depth of the Mermaids [2]

The Guardian and the Voyager set down in the same couch on the guest room discussing to the chief with the problems of the mermaids and such. As expected, the perspective of the mermaid story within this town has greatly changed since a child has been drowned while playing on the top of the cliff near the sea. It was said that his parents couldn't accept but to believe that the mermaids have lured him into the cliff. That was its beginning.

"Who was the name of the child?" Trace asked the chief.

"...The child was just a nameless orphan," The chief hesitated for a moment. 

"..." Trace quietly equipped himself with several tactical knives and light weight leather armor with high degree of freedom. 

"Is that the only weapon you have?" Elena was surprised to witness that the experienced [Guardian] was equipped with such meager equipment. Before she had seen the actual one, she had imagined that it would be like a knight in a shining armor.

"Though this may look fragile and unreliable, it has better functionality than the ones that the amateurs equip," Trace finished equipping his light metal globes on his miniature hands.

"What should I do?" Elena asked for an assistance.

"Stay in the inn, you will be nothing more than a dead weight in the actual battle."

"I see..." Elena felt downhearted.

"Hmm... It will be better for me to leave my items in the inn," Trace lifted his heavy baggage.

"I will accompany you to our room, Elena."


"Have you finished preparing for the battle, Mr. Guardian?" The chief, waiting for Trace in the entrance of the inn, greeted him with utmost formality. It seemed as if he was maintaining his own set of plot.

"Guide me to the location of the cliff."

The two of them headed toward the waving cliff in the far edge of the town. 


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