BTS - What Would You Do?

You are given different scenarios with your bias or the members of BTS. What would you do if any of these scenarios happen to you.

1. L

   Y/N=Your Name

   Late at night and you just got home from work. You dig inside your purse to look for your keys, but before you open the door, it opens. You're bias from BTS is standing in front of you, your bias, also known as your boyfriend.

   "Y/N, what took you so long. I made dinner, but it's getting cold now." You walk inside the house along with an heavy box from work. "I'll carry it for you, Y/N." He smiles cutely, picking it up for you, putting it down in the living-room while you walk behind him.

  You notice the house feels different then it normally does. You walk in the kitchen and sit down, uncovering the food on the table. "My favorite," you say. Just when you're about to take a bite, you start to hear music playing. He's singing/rapping your favorite BTS song, then he includes an extra lyric to the song at the end.

                                  "Will you marry me?"


What would you do...

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