Burnt to the eye

This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. October 12 2017. All rights reserved.

1. One

Fire willowed and wisped through the forest as it was burnt to a crisp. A glisten of life sparked through my eye.. But like all good things, that spark was gone. Sooner than expected. The good life was threatened with no choice but to run, to run , run, run from the evil smoke and pain. To run from the evil who begun the suffering. They ran for hope. Hope that they were to live another day.
     The fear consumed their sense, so they ran. The deer, symbol of grace, they ran too.The wolves, symbol of strength and confidence….they ran too. The geese, the birds, they all ran. But the one thing they had in common…….they where all running from Kindrey. The symbol of betrayal and destruction.
A mother dear paused, calling for her doe. But the fierce fire did not sympathies, it continued in its furious path. The mother dear had a spark, just a little, when she had spotted her doe. Shortly after the hope had brought a little light, it was taken, for the doe was injured on the for front of its leg, and the smoke grew higher, and became stronger and faster. The doe called for her mother, but she was too injured to run. By then it was too late. The young symbol of grace and hope was gone.
The forest of life and wonder was burning. Burning it was, and the seven symbols where forced to leave. Hope….was gone. Grace was gone. Strength and courage, all gone. Love…kindness…..loyalty….The seven symbols where gone….and they had no choice.

    Not far away, flew a crow which was the symbol of smoke and spying. He flew above all the fire and chaos and smoke . . . And he watched the seven species run, run, run, and do all they could do. A voice that was only clear to hear, spoke to the crow in a low deep females voice. “Yes yes…..run you little pitiful beings . . . But know . . . I will always find you! Crow!” A sympathetic, yet pathetic, reply whispered to the woman. “Good. Now fly here and see . . .” She evilly started. “Report back to me and I shall equip you with your next task . . but it all depends on the meek animals.” She begun to laugh. 

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