LOTF Creative Project

A continuation of The Lord of the Flies


1. LOTF Creative Project

After their rescue, very few of the boys felt mentally stable enough to retell the events that happened on the island. Ralph, though traumatized, opened up and told the authorities what had happened, everything that had happened. He told them about the conch, the first fire that had gotten out of hand and the boy with the mulberry birthmark that they didn't see again afterwards. He told them about the assemblies, the struggle for power between him and Jack, and even about the pigs head on a stick. When he got to the deaths of Simon and Piggy, he could hardly get it out because he kept breaking down and crying, but he eventually got it all out.

When Piggy's auntie heard about his death she became hysterical, screaming, crying, and throwing things around, demanding that the boys responsible be severely punished for it. It took three security guards to hold her down and keep her in line. Even once she was calmed down she still insisted there to be punishment for the boys.

Simon's parents reacted quite differently to the news of their little boy's death. They sat there, stunned and completely silent, holding each other in their arms for about half an hour. People tried to talk to them during that time, but they ignored them. Eventually Simon's mother started crying, not hysterically, but sort of a soft, pathetic sniffle, and she still did not speak. In fact, she didn't speak to anyone but her husband for the next two weeks, and still all she said to him were short, one sentence statements or requests. They eventually agreed with Piggy's auntie in that the boys responsible should be punished. 

All of the boys were taken to court to give their official testimonies regarding the deaths of Simon, Piggy, and the boy with the mulberry birthmark, but since there was not sufficient enough evidence to to prove any of the boys guilty, none of them were sentenced to prison or a juvenile detention center. However, they were forced to go to therapy to help them cope with the memories and feelings that lingered from the island.

*15 years later*

Most of the boys were able to move on with their lives even though their memories of the island still haunted their everyday lives. Some of them, such as Ralph, grew up, got a decent job, got married and had kids of their own. They, of course, never told their children about what they went through on the island. Others went to college and focused mainly on their careers. Samneric for example, became highly successful lawyers, working together of course, to bring justice to the people.

Unfortunately, not all of the boys were able to put aside and cope with their grief. Roger and Jack, both stuck with their feelings of remorse, killed themselves because they felt so bad about what they had done and how they treated the other boys. Roger did it when he was 19, Jack, when he was 22. Though their loss was devastating, Ralph felt relieved that they never had children and that their traits of savagery would never be passed on to another generation.


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