Johns story

to be or not to be gay


2. 2

Chapter 2


    On entering the pub that evening I was met with a chorus of the gang’s song.... ‘The queer lover’... “backs to the wall boys for here comes John, the queer lover is here and so on until Thomas the leader of our gang who was a big bruiser of guy and ugly with it, stretched his hands out to get everyone to quieten down.

    He then in a low menacing voice announced to all the assembled "I wonder what our friend John has to say for himself?"

    I was rather shaken by the reception I had been given. I cleared my throat and launched into an explanation. “It was like this the fairy tried to top me”

    I was interrupted   by Thomas “How come? Explain yourself.” 

    “Well when I sort of pushed him accidently of course, (this raised a laugh) the bugger grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go, so what could I do?  I had to save him or I was done for,” I said this last bit looking around.

    A cheer went up from my fellow gang members.

    I said a silent prayer. Thankfully I’d gotten away with it.  Then while getting myself a needed drink, I glanced across into the other room, which was jointly serviced by the single bar, “Oh fuck,” I thought as I looked straight into Bill’s eyes. He must have heard everything I had said, but all Bill did was raise his eyebrows before turning away.



     After hearing the boy called John in the pub I thought the powers that be at work could go to hell regarding the safety of the apprentices. No longer was I going to waste my time watching out for those stupid boys.



   The next day at work I felt there was something wrong, sort of missing, I could not quite pinpoint what it was. This feeling stayed with me on and off all day long.

   Sometime In the night I awoke with a start “yes” I said out loud. Bill the watcher had gone. I immediately went back to sleep.

   It was the weekend and a party. Some bird Sue knew had invited her to a house warming thing. So always the optimist, I had tagged along even though I was still a bit upset with Sue for refusing to have full sex with me the other night

   Once inside the house, while Sue stood chatting to her friend, I headed straight for the bar, which was situated in the far corner of the main lounge.  It was laid out with all sorts of drink. Most people had brought a bottle including me.

   I chose a red wine for Sue and was just turning around glass in hand, when I physically bumped into the boy from work. Bill, the watcher. “Fuck it”, I thought as the liquid contents of my glass emptied all over his shirt. The red wine running down the white shirt. Oh, what a mess. At least the glass did not break.

    “We meet again”, Bill said, dabbing himself dry with a napkin

    “I’m so sorry”, I said, looking at the red stains in dismay

    "Yes, well you could say I threw the drink over myself again this time”

     Already upset I now turned a bright red at being reminded of my lie of the other day.

    Bill smiling, put out his hand saying. “You did save my life. So, let’s be friends even if you do mix with that awful crowd in the pub.” That prompted me to look around to make sure no one could see me, before taking the offered hand.



    I had seen John through the hall mirror throw his drink over the queer. The one from work; that was the last straw. He had to be taught a lesson. I left the party and phoned the gang leader, who arranged for some of our members to meet up with the pervert. They would give the him a good going over.



   Feeling uncomfortable wearing a stained shirt, I left the party soon after the drink incident. On my way home, I was confronted by two boys leaning against the wall.  Fuck I thought, feeling a bit scared. I turned back thinking to go home a different way. Only to find two more boys had stepped out of the garden behind me. Shit, I thought but before I could decide what to do another boy had come up alongside of me and hit me using a tree branch or something wooden.



   Back inside the house I watched from an upstairs window, as the pervert got his just deserts. I smiled and hummed to the music I could hear coming up to me from the party going on down stairs. At the same time I could imagine putting my boot in and hearing the breaking of a rib or two.



    I must admit I got a bit tipsy with all the free booze going. Sue and I had an argument when I suggested we should go into the bedroom and do you know what comes naturally. That’s when Sue informed me that I would only get it when we were married. My reply of fuck that for a lark earned me a slap around the face, which quickly sobered me up. If she was expecting me to apologise she was mistaken. I ditched her and hooked up with this girl, who had long legs and big boobs. After leaving the house we slowly walk down the road stopping under a street light to kiss. That’s when I heard this groaning noise coming from behind a clump of bushes in the garden next to where we were standing. I left the girl and went over to investigate.

    Omg. I discovered a young man lying there in a pool of blood looking closer I suddenly realised it was Bill. His breathing was poor and quite laboured. Someone had broken his nose and jaw. He looked in a bad way. I immediately pulled out my mobile and called for an ambulance, I didn’t have long to wait before both a police car and an ambulance arrived. My night time romp had been cancelled.

    Fuck, I was not happy about being left in the back of the police car. I was being treated like a suspect. I almost regretted having alerted the authorities. Unfortunately, I had a police record for G.B.H  

   I had to wait a long time for my statement to be check out. Thank goodness someone back at the party remembered when Bill left. Also, they took the word of the girl I was with, who confirmed my description of the events leading up to finding the injured boy, I was free to go. By then, the girl had long gone.





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