The Scarecrow Part 3 A novel

In the town of Lawrence, Kansas, Dean Harrison and his family, arrive at the haunted farmhouse in the summer of 1975, where a evil scarecrow still looms over the place where evil dwells there.


6. Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1975


Dean was scared.

He looked at the time on the Grandfather clock that was in hallway. David was with Amy. Kelli shifted uncomfortably; she seemed to be eager to think that the dreadful news about the scarecrows in the city. Maybe there were a lot of them in the old farmlands; maybe there were a lot of trouble in town because of the horror of the dead beings armed with sharp scythes, as the supernatural had come to Lawrence, Kansas...and forced its deep beliefs on the teenagers; maybe the incessant voices of the adults warning them not to go to Sheppard's Point was to ward  off the bad luck that had spread like a cancer...and let the dead to lie near the muddy the idea of something sinister had gripped Kansas forever.

"Dad, we have to leave", Kelli said. 

"Now", David said.

"Tomorrow", Dean told his son and daughter. The other teenagers were scared of the scarecrows. They shivered. Then they heard the sound of banging on the back door. Dean saw several Kansas police officers watching them/ 
​"The curfew's in two hours' time". Dean read the name on the lead police officer's grey coloured shirt. It read: ​Officer Ray O. Davis, Jr​. "We're leaving tomorrow", Dean said. Officer Davis, Jr., nodded. He watched the group of people waiting for the next morning. "It's the scarecrows isn't it",. Dean nodded. He looked at the cars outside...and the vans. Then, by eleven o'clock pm, the police left the farmhouse. And, as everyone went to bed, Dean locked up the place before Midnight arrived in an hour's time.

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