The Scarecrow Part 3 A novel

In the town of Lawrence, Kansas, Dean Harrison and his family, arrive at the haunted farmhouse in the summer of 1975, where a evil scarecrow still looms over the place where evil dwells there.


5. Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1975


Josephine waited. 

Matt, who had washed his hands, opened the toilet door. He smiled at her. 

"It looks like everyone's having a great time", he said. She nodded. Suddenly they saw the body of Nate lying dead. "That's Nate. He's a friend of mine at Kansas High School. Oh, God! ​Someone killed him​". Then Josephine remembered the story about the scarecrow had scared her when she was six years old/ 

"Let's go now!", Matt said.

And they aborted their romantic time by the cliffs, and headed back home to their families.


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