The Scarecrow Part 3 A novel

In the town of Lawrence, Kansas, Dean Harrison and his family, arrive at the haunted farmhouse in the summer of 1975, where a evil scarecrow still looms over the place where evil dwells there.


2. Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1975


Kelli stared at the houses at Sheppard Point.

"It's beautiful", she said.

"Yeah, a lot of teenagers make out, drink beer, and watch movies at the Drive-In cinemas", Todd said. He smiled at her.

Then they headed to Crow's Pitch Road where the teenagers were preparing for the party of the year.


Jenny shivered. 

She wasn't supposed to be eager to think of boyfriends in Lawrence, Kansas. It wasn't like she was popular. She gripped her English homework book underneath her hands; she focused on the extra work that needed to be done for Monday morning. Suddenly she heard the sound of a van coming down the grey coloured path that led to the Harrison farm. She knew that a new family was there. She glanced at the scarecrow. It didn't move at all; it was still as a statue. She picked up an old black stone. Then she flung it in the area of the fields. As she did so, a boy smiled at her. "Good shot!", he said. Jenny watched him as she pondered whether he was messing with her. "You're James Mycroft", she said.

"Yes, my parents are neighbouring the scarecrow house". He gazed at the fields. Jenny nodded. James watched the dark clouds that were hovering above them. 

"Let's go inside my house", James said,

"I'm Jenny", she said,

"Glad to meet you", James told her. And, as they ran towards the front door, the loud booming of the heavy rain fell in the fields in Lawrence, Kansas.


Dean, Ian, and Maggie, were concerned about the rain. 

"Kelli and David will be here soon", he said.

"Everyone will be inside", Ian told him. 

"I'll fix up some coffee...and have some cigarettes", Dean said.


Belinda Schull gazed at the Sheppard Point sign. 

She was freezing. 

Up ahead was a scarecrow in the farmer's field. She saw it was a dark shadow. She noticed several people were inside the house; she ran as fast as she could towards it, She banged on the front door. "​Help me! Help me! There's a scarecrow watching me!​". Dean opened the door. He looked at the creepy fields. To his horror the scarecrow was gone from the fields.

"Come inside!", he said.

And Belinda nodded...and begun to cry.


Kelli ran towards her house, Todd followed her. 

"Dad! David!", she yelled, 

Dean opened the front door again. 

"Kelli, where's David?", he asked her.

"I don't know. I think that he's with friends. It's getting late", she answered her. As she looked at the fields, David and Amy arrived at the house while yet more thunder boomed outside.


David, Ian, Maggie, Kelli, Todd, and Belinda, were inside the farmhouse.

"We have to make sure the scarecrow isn't alive", Dean said.

"​If it ever moves out of the fields", Kelli said,


"It's raining", Jenny said.

"I know that. Afterwards, we can go to your house. The scarecrow always comes out at night". James said. He flicked on the porch light, as they headed down the hallway. "We can have some pie and vegetables", he added. Jenny nodded. By seven-thirty pm, they ate their dinner in the small kitchen. Jenny sat in the black chairs. Two orange pillows were near the warm fireplace. Afterwards, as they cleaned the dishes, and turned the stove off, James stared out of the windows. 

"The rain is terrible", James told her. 

"I have to go, Mom will be freaking out". 

"Sure", he said. 

And he grabbed his keys, James opened the front door. When he locked up, they headed to a black van. She knew that her mother didn't want to call the police if she was late; she was sure that she could be living in Lawrence, Kansas, when the scarecrow was on the loose. She opened the passenger-side door, got in, and put on her black seat; she watched James do the same. "1686 State Road, Kansas", Jenny said. She was about to say something when the scarecrow, who was armed with a sharp scythe, Jenny screamed in horror. James struggled to deal with the figure who was supposed to be in the old fields near the farmhouse. Seconds later, there was a smashing of the passenger-side door window. Jenny felt the glass slicing across her flares. Some blood dripped downward. James opened the door with his left hand. "​I'll get help​", James said. And, as he was about to drive, the scarecrow raised his scythe...and brought it downward until he died before he could do anything. Jenny ran out of the car. She ignored the pain in her left hand. She headed to her house. 

"Mom! The scarecrow attacked me", she said. 

Cara opened the door,

"Where have you been? I was worried about you", she asked her daughter.

"James was about to take me home. But he died because of the scarecrow".

"Who's James?".

"He was my friend. He died because of the scarecrow in the fields". She stared at the blood on her leg. "I got injured. I need to go to the hospital. It looks like I'll miss that party at eight o'clock pm".

And she cried...then Cara hugged her. 



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