The Scarecrow Part 3 A novel

In the town of Lawrence, Kansas, Dean Harrison and his family, arrive at the haunted farmhouse in the summer of 1975, where a evil scarecrow still looms over the place where evil dwells there.


1. Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1975

One year later....


​Dean Harrison drove his black van towards the eerie looking farmhouse. He shifted in his seat, as he drove down the pathway that led to the main part of the house itself. "Dad, where're we going?", Kelli Harrison asked her father. "​There! See, It's near where the scarecrow is in the fields​", he answered her. David Harrison, Kelli's brother, shivered as he watched the heat's rays descend on the city. He watched the farm where the Grandfather and his Grandchildren survived the scarecrow's attacks on them...and their friends over the last couple of years. Kelli gazed at the old barn. "It's creepy", she said. She watched Interstate 6. David Harrison looked at the other farms in the area. He saw several teenagers smoking. They were smiling at them. Dean smiled. "Once we're settled in the farmhouse, you can go exploring", he said.

"Okay, Dad", they told him,

And they grabbed their luggage, got out of the van, and headed to their rooms.


Ian Pryce stared at the farm. He was thinking about the time he saw the scarecrow. It moved at night time. He shuddered with fear; he remembered the disappearances over the last five years since the hot summer of 1970; he knew the hippies were in their communes were spreading free love, and peace, as the feminists were asking for free rights for women across America. After President Nixon resigned in August of 1974, everyone in the country were coldly distant about the Government who were bent on lies on television and in the newspapers. Ian, who was thirteen, grew up in the 1960's, knowing about President John F. Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas; the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968, brought forth further political unrest. By 1971 through to 1974, America was tearing themselves apart; by January of 1975 to July of that year, the succession of Presidents caused everyone to take a long, deep, breath. Ian glanced at the farmhouse. The scarecrow was watching him. He saw Dean Harrison and his family. He walked in his tan boots towards them. "Excuse me, I'm Ian Pryce. I'm the new owner of the farmhouse". Dean nodded.

"Hello. I'm Dean. This is my daughter Kelli, and son David". They gazed at the man. Ian smiled. He had long, black hair, blue eyes, and tall; he wore a purple sweater, and blue flares. He wore a silver watch on his right hand. He spoke to them. "The Grandfather left the farm because of the scarecrow deaths". Kelli stopped in her tracks. David looked at him.

"I'm the new owner of the farm. I bought it for $20,000", Dean said.

"That's cheap. I work in town doing odd jobs around people's houses...or farms. If you need any kind of work, tell me and I'll fix things up, like broken pipes, etc.".

"Sure, no problem", Dean said.

And he nodded,


Jenny Carsen, sixteen, looked out of her bedroom window. She was nervous since the scarecrow attacks. Her long, brown hair glowed from a recent shower; her green eyes focused on  the farms in the area. She put on a blue sweater; she adjusted her blue flares with her right hand so that they could fit her since she had exercised for an hour or two during the weekend; she was about to read a book when there was a knock on her bedroom door. 

"Come in!", she said.

"Jenny. Mark and I are going to Sheppard's Point tonight. Can you be alone tonight/ while I'm on a date? You can have pizza tonight?", Cara Carsen asked her daughter. 

"Sure, Mom!", she answered excitedly. 

"Good. Mark will be here at 6:00 pm. We'll be back home by 11:00 pm". Jenny nodded. Cara, who was forty, smiled. She had long, black hair, blue eyes, and petite. She wore a red sweater, blue flares, black socks, and brown shoes on her feet. On her right, middle finger was a diamond wedding ring. She left the bedroom, then walked downstairs to the kitchen, where she made lunch for both of them.


Kelli walked towards the fields. She saw the scarecrow. It wore a brown hat on its head. It had black, sunken, eyes; it was stuffed with hay. Its black boots were full of fresh mud. She was about to look away when a teenage boy smiled at her. 

"It moves at night", he said.

"Really". Kelli said, 

"Yes, according to legend the scarecrow is evil. I'm Todd Franklin, I live nearby in the house near Sheppard's Point".

"I'm Kelli Harrison. My brother, David, and my father Dean, are the new owners of the farm". Todd nodded. "There were some teenagers here with their Grandfather. They fell victim to the scarecrow. They escaped with some of their friends; others disappeared...or died". He shook his head. He had long, brown hair, blue eyes, and tall. He was wearing a blue sweater, black flares, a black belt, grey socks, and black shoes on his feet. His silver watch was on his left hand. 

"Would you like to show me a tour of the farm?", Kelli asked him.

"Yes", Todd answered him.

And he smiled.


David walked towards Sheppard's Point. It was full of teenagers talking about the party tonight. He was cautious, as he saw several people talking about the disappearances. He looked at a girl who was hanging up a sign. It read: ​PARTY AT SHEPPARD'S POINT; 8:00 PM.​ "Can I help you?", David asked her. She nodded. "I don't know you". she answered. 

"I'm David Harrison. I'm new here. My sister and Dad are the new owners of the old farm that has a scarecrow in the fields". 

"I'm Amy Sheppard. Our family's named after the point for the last five decades or so. Every generation has looked after the place in Lawrence, Kansas". 

"We're going to the school next year". 

"Really. That's good". 

"I heard that the scarecrow's deadly".

"It actually attacked a lot of teenagers. It's part of the legend".

"Well, I'd like to contribute to something here".

"We'd love to have volunteers...even locals". David nodded. She had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and small statue. Amy was wearing a purple sweater, black flares, brown socks, and black shoes on her feet. A silver peace symbol was across her thin neck. 

"I love the peace symbol. Amy".

"Mom brought it for me at a sale".

"Anyway, is there anything else I can do?", he asked her.

"No. But you can meet my friends", Amy answered.

"Fine by me", David said.


Dean and Ian checked the electricity. 

"Old farms aren't technologically advanced as the city areas. All rural places will be hooked up to the systems. The Grandfather who lived here was known to be friendly...and so was his wife. They were married a long time. And everyone liked them. I remember thinking that the old man's fears of the scarecrow was a horror story to scare off teenagers; I remember their wild, frightened, eyes as they saw the scarecrow back in the 1950's, and 1960's. There was a lot of political, and social upheaval back then. And now with the Watergate story of 1972 happening that ended President Nixon's Administration, and his resignation, we have Gerry Ford taking the reigns from him. America is dead because of the controversies over the country. And, now, in 1975, we have to move on like other countries in the World. Ah, I have some light bulbs. But first, all of the sockets need to be turned off", Ian said. He waited until he all of the cords were on the grey carpet. Dean picked them up with his hands. "Everything's safe, Ian", he said. 

"That's good. Now, once we charge the cords to the sockets, we'll be fine". Suddenly a woman knocked on the door. Ian turned around.

"Ah, Maggie. This is Dean. He's the new owner of the farmhouse. He, and his children are staying here for a long time", Ian said.

"A pleasure. I've got sandwiches if you both like some". David nodded. 

"Thank you. My wife, Cheryl, left me to go to New York to be an actress. She wasn't a motherly kind of woman". He shook her head.

"I'm sorry", Maggie said.

"David and Kelli are wonderful children. This is our first night in Lawrence, Kansas".. Ian kissed his wife. Maggie had long, red hair, hazel eyes, and tall. She wore a red sweater, black flares, black socks, and brown shoes on her feet. She was wearing a diamond wedding ring on her right hand. By three o'clock pm, they finished eating. Then they heard a sound of footsteps coming from the front porch.

It was a scarecrow.


"How'd it get there?", Maggie asked them. 

"Maybe it's a prank", Ian answered her.

"Yeah, maybe. The fields are full of mud. I heard about that", Dean said. He took off his shoes, and socks. Then he dragged the scary looking scarecrow in the fields. When it was in the middle, he walked away towards the farmhouse. "I'll clean my feet. Once it's done, I'll put my socks...and shoes back on". Maggie nodded. He stared at the other houses in Kansas, as the horror of the past came back to haunt everyone who lived there.

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