Elf Land A novel

Elf Land is a magical place in which peace has happened for a long time. When Amon Green, a servant in the Royal Court, stumbles upon a plot to get rid of the King and Queen, he attempts to warm them before it's too late.


1. Amon Green


A cold ​breeze wafted across Elf Land. 

Amon Green, a servant-boy, gazed at the grey chamber halls. His short, black hair glowed in the clean doors; his hazel eyes focused on the Iron Knights that patrolled the medium-sized halls. He stood by with his mop. "Long day isn't it, Amon", Cy Gregson said. He ignored him. 

"I'll be fine", Amon said. He didn't think, or believed, in the Knight's jibes. He stood five foot two. In some circles, he was as tall as an elf; he was thirteen years old. Cy grinned in a mocking tone. Then he stared at the servants who were doing the laundry. Amon saw a servant-girl smile at him. "Hello, Amy". Amy, who was an elf, had short, pointy ears, bright green eyes, and small for her age. She wore a clean white smock across her midriff. She wore red boots on her feet; she grinned at him.


"I didn't think that you'd be here today, Amon".

"I am working for King Andrew and Queen Anna". She smiled at him.

"And so am I", Amy said.

And she grinned at him.

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