The Campgrounds 3 A novel

The campgrounds in the Montana mountains is full of hikers...and campers. When several campers are attacked by black bears, the rangers decide to take drastic action to close the camp again.

The exciting second sequel to The Campgrounds.


2. The Ranger at Moose Woods


R​anger Alberta Gregson stared at the girl. 

"Are you sure it was a black bear?", she asked Roberta. 

"Yes, it attacked Eliot", she answered her.

"There's been a lot of bear attacks lately at Moose Woods", the ranger said. She nodded. Roberta shivered. She was thinking about her friends.

"I'll file an incident report to the owners of the campgrounds", the ranger said. 

"And what next?", Roberta said,

"Next, we deal with the wildlife", the ranger said.

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