The Campgrounds 3 A novel

The campgrounds in the Montana mountains is full of hikers...and campers. When several campers are attacked by black bears, the rangers decide to take drastic action to close the camp again.

The exciting second sequel to The Campgrounds.


1. The Campgrounds


​The two teenage campers ​were kissing in the grey van. 

Suddenly they heard the sound of growls coming from the campgrounds. 

"Eliot, we're not alone", Roberta Chamber said. She stopped looking at the glass window. Before either of them could do anything, a large black bear growled. They yelled in terror. Eliot opened the 1981 white camping van. He was about to say something when the bear's sharp claws came downward towards his neck. Roberta screamed. Then she drove away from the campgrounds....and alerted the rangers about the death of her boyfriend.

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