falls in love only to be heartbroken but gets saved by her bestfriend

its about a girl who falls in love with pablo but pablo doesn't seem to be a good guy. he breaks girls hearts because his friends gives him bets he wins them every time time but is he sure to follow his heart or will it be to late when the girl meets someone else???


1. introduction hi my name is jessa rangel im 17 years old i have brown hair and brown eyes I love the color purple so enough about me i am about to tell you a story about my life so stick around and enjoy the ride

Once upon a time there was this girl oh wait this girl is me hi i'm Jessa Rangel I have a good life at home,but at school its okay. I'm about to tell you why i stopped falling in love until i met my best friend Christopher jessy york. 

My freshmen year i thought it was going to be great i had it in the bag but i never had it in the bag i was always failing my classes i only had two friends, my life just didn't work out of my freshman year.

Until i met this boy named Pablo i thought that he was the most kindest and cutest person i have ever met but boy was i wrong. We started talking on a weekend on Friday on Facebook we talked for hours about things that we had in common i was already in love... that not weird right? i got butterflies in my stomach when i either talked to him at school or Facebook i just couldn't help the way i felt for him but i wish i didn't fall for his tricks. Turns out him liking me and asking me to be his girlfriend was a big joke a bet. 

His best friend made a bet with him that if he can ask me to be his girlfriend and to have sex with him then he will give him 50 dollars,and when i found out i was completely heartbroken 




dear readers thanks for taking an interest in this story even tho its crap right now but i promise it will get better but i hope you will like this story thank you lovelies 

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