falls in love only to be heartbroken but gets saved by her bestfriend

its about a girl who falls in love with pablo but pablo doesn't seem to be a good guy. he breaks girls hearts because his friends gives him bets he wins them every time time but is he sure to follow his heart or will it be to late when the girl meets someone else???


2. Facebook


So when I started talking to Pablo i thought he was a pretty cool guy. We had a lot of things in common like how we liked band, even our music genres. So we became Best friends instantly. He would hang out with me after school on Fridays because we had a game but it didn't start about 7 so we hanged out until i had to leave for band at 5:50. 

the first time we hanged out is when he stole my first kiss he had previous girlfriends before me so i thought i was just another rebound from his ex-girlfriend Jenna. Jenna didn't like me when she found out that i started dating her ex-boyfriend,but i told her i'm sorry but its the way i feel and that won't change a thing. So when Pablo found out that i was being harassed by his ex-girlfriend he totally flipped out. He told her that "he never wanted to see her again".


So i feel even in more in love with him(is that even possible?) but i wished i hadn't he broke my heart after dating for 3 months. He cheated on me with my own cousin Bella. He asked her out to the movies and asked her to be his girlfriend while still dating me. So the next Monday i found out not from him but his best friend Zachary Azzazi. When he told me that  was completely heart-broken what made it even worse i confronted Pablo to see if  what we had was true. Know what he said "no  it was just a bed s i can sleep with you for 50 bucks" so i ran away crying when i saw my own cousin started to call me names like slut whore bitch and that no one will ever love me that Pablo only pity me. And i believe her when she said that i was a no body and that no body loved me. So after school was out i tried to commit suicide. 

I grabbed the bottle of pills in my desk and i grabbed a knife and started to cut deeper than i took the bottle of pills and poured them in my hand and swallowed the pills. As i lay there i started to think "was i really worth it?" "was this a huge mistake" and the answer is no its not a huge mistake i might be a coward but i rather be a coward then the laughing stock of the school.











dear lovelies i won't be able to update tomorrow with band and everything else  football game but i promise i'll update on saturday since i have nothing to do but thank you lovelies for giving my sucky story a chance TOOTLES 


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