One Direction Imagines

Imagines of the band One Direction--Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne. Warning: Some of these imagines will be explicit so please read at your own risk!!!! Also, please do not report me no matter what you think of the imagines. Thanks. :)


1. Imagine #1: Airport Confrontation: Niall Horan Imagine

Imagine #1: Airport Confrontation

 Niall Horan Imagine


You and your fiance, Niall Horan, are at the airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, waiting for the baggage claim when out of the corner of your eye you see several flashes of camera lights go off. It's the paparazzi and they won't leave you and Niall alone ever since Niall proposed to you a week ago. You look up from the magazine you are reading just as you and Niall are called over the loudspeakers to get your luggage.

Niall grasps your hand tightly as the two of you make your way through the crowd of paparazzi and gawking people. You keep your head down the entire time trying to avoid looking at the camera lenses. Suddenly you feel a hand yank you away from Niall and you come face to face with a man who looks like he is the leader of the picture-taking paparazzi. He smirks at you as your try to wrench free of his grasp but he is too strong for you.

"Let go of me!" you demand of him.

"How did a woman as ugly as you manage to catch the attention of Niall Horan?" the man muses aloud.

"How dare you say that to my fiancee?!" Niall growls angrily from beside you. You hadn't realized that he was still standing beside you.

You stand your ground as the man glances from you to Niall with an amused smile on his face. You want to slap the man but you are saved from doing that when the man finally releases you but instead of leaving with the rest of the paparazzi he follows a few steps behind you and Niall.

Niall holds you close to him protectively making sure that no one else can snatch you away from him.

"Are you okay, (Y/N)?" he asks you. 

"I'm fine, Niall," you reply.

Niall looks you over for a moment looking for any signs of bruises or scratch marks on you. When he doesn't find any he breathes a sigh of relief and grasps your hand in his again.

"Let's just get out of here," Niall says glancing around nervously at all the paparazzi. "I hate being bombarded by all these bloody paparazzi."

You nod your head in agreement and the two of you start to make your way through all the paparazzi again. Before the two of you can make it to the baggage claim the same man who grabbed you and called you ugly taps Niall on the shoulder.

"Leave us the hell alone!" Niall exclaims angrily.

"Have you fucked her yet?" the man asks Niall completely oblivious to Niall's anger. Either he is oblivious or he doesn't seem to care.

Niall turns on the man with wild eyes full of unkempt anger. 

"What the bloody hell did you just say?!" Niall growls.

The man smirks at Niall and repeats himself, louder this time. At that, Niall releases your hand and stomps toward the man with his hands clenched into fists. You know what is about to happen but you don't try to stop Niall because you know that whenever he is angry at someone he can't be stopped. You watch as Niall stares down the male paparazzi before he shoves the male in the chest hard enough to make him stumble back. 

"Don't. Ever. Say. That. Again." Niall spits out each word slowly making the male paparazzi take another step back at the poison laced in Niall's voice and words. The smirk is gone and there is fear on the man's face as Niall hovers over him.

The rest of the paparazzi behind Niall also take a few considerate steps back when Niall turns and faces them. You watch with a smile on your face as Niall confidently strides toward you then makes a show in front of everyone by kissing you passionately on your lips. When he pulls away from you he has a wide, triumphant smile on his face.

"That's for anyone who thinks I don't really love this beautiful and kind woman," Niall announces to the paparazzi.

There are a few murmurs from the crowd of paparazzi as Niall takes your hand in his and finally the two of you make your way to the baggage claim without anyone trying to grab you away from Niall.

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