Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


9. Chapter 9

Even if Clara were my best friend, I wouldn’t tell her what exactly had happened. I get to work as usual. As soon as I entered the door, I meet her.
“What happened to you last night?” She says calmly “You didn’t call. How did it go with the wife?”
“I’m sorry about that” I walk to the backroom where she follows
I sit down on the chair and she sits on the other one. I tell her what had happened. I leave the office part to last because I didn’t want to shock her. The store would open in 20 minutes. The other employees would come in later.
“So you just gonna quit the whole stalking thing?” She says after I told the whole situation “Just because he said that?”
“I know it sounds crazy. Especially what happened at the office when you were there”
“I say” She interrupts me
She didn’t like the idea we were going to see each other. But she just had to accept that.
“But he’s not the person we thought he was”
“Yeah right” She rolls her eyes
“Listen, Clara. I know you don’t trust him but he showed a totally different side of himself when I told him about Joanna”
“Well, he’s lying. I don’t think he feels remorse at all. He’s using you the same he did with your sister. And the wife. She sounds unstable too”
I had made up my mind and nothing would change it. One of the employees had arrived. It was time to open the store.

We always closed at 5 pm. I told Tom where the store was. He would pick me up. It was only me and Clara left when he gets there. She ignores him completely. He didn’t know we were friends so he was kind of surprised to see her there. I‘m in the backroom but I could hear what was said.
“So you’re Jennah’s friend”
She’s folding a blouse and she doesn’t look at him. He didn’t approach her. I get back to the store and he smiles at me. I smile back and get to him. He gives me a kiss. Clara gets to the backroom.
“Are you ready?” He asks after the kiss and caresses my hair
“In a moment. I’ll right back” I get to the backroom to get my things
Clara is sitting on the chair. She doesn’t look happy.
“Please don’t go with him. Think about his wife” She whispers
“Stop worrying. I can handle this” I look at her while I look in my purse for my house keys
“I don’t doubt that but he will cheat on you too” She stands up
“You don’t know that. He said he will change his behaviour for me”
“I can’t believe you think that. How about your revenge? Will that ever be fulfilled?” She still whispers
“We talk about this later. Call me” I say and leave before she can say anything

I smile when I get to Tom. He opens the door for me and we get outside. His car is in front of the store. There was a lot of traffic. He didn’t say where we were going.
“You didn’t tell me you two were friends” He says when we wait by the traffic lights
“Regret it now?” I look at him
“That you forced her to kiss you”
“No, I don’t. I never regret anything. Her were lips were sweet. A shame she didn’t want more”
The lights turn to green and he speeds up. He drives to the highway. He was in a hurry again which made me wonder why. It seemed he had no problem talking to me about my friend the way he did. I’ve read about psychology in college so I knew something about it.
“Do you always talk about your conquests to other women?” I ask after a while
He looks puzzled at me.
“Conquest?” He laughs “Is that what you call it?”
“It’s not funny” I look upset at him
“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you didn’t mind if I talk about your beautiful friend” He glimpse at me once in a while
“I didn’t say I want details” I look outside the window “Where are we going anyway?”
“You’ll see soon” He replies without looking my way

It did feel a bit awkward the way he talked about Clara. The drive had taken quite a long time. We were far away from London. I didn’t know if this was a first date or something worse. The scenery had changed and fewer cars were on the road. I had never been here before. He slows down and turns to a smaller road. There were trees and no street lights. Luckily it wasn’t that dark yet. I was getting worried. I have quite a wild imagination and all kinds of thoughts came to my mind. I thought about the young girl who he’s been “teaching” like he’d describe it. My mental mind was fine and I wasn’t easily fooled. He should have known it by now. I look at my mobile in my purse. I did it so he wouldn’t notice. There was no signal which made me frightened. The road narrows and a small hill are in front. He drives up to it and a middle-sized detached house with a balcony is on the hill. It was in the middle of nowhere.
“What’s this?” I say when we stop in front of it
“It’s my second home. Here we can be alone”
“Doing what?” I say quickly
He looks at me and smiles.
“Anything you want. I let you control me. I like that” He puts his hand on my left knee
Was that supposed to turn me on? I did like his honestly though.
“Alright” I smile and touch his hand but I take it away “You asked for it”

We take our seatbelts off and step out of the car. I take my purse with me. He locks the car doors and we get to the house. It was in the middle of the forest. We get inside. It’s getting dark outside so he switches on the lights. The house had two floors. We enter into a big living room. The whole first floor was a room. It looked clean even if it’s probably been unused lately. The curtains were closed. In the room, there was a brown couch set with a wooden table in front of it. In front of that, there’s a fireplace. Above it, there’s a painting with a beautiful landscape.
“Make yourself at home. I hope you don’t mind if I get upstairs to take a shower?”
“No, not at all” I smile
“I won’t be long” He then walks up the stairs to the other floor
I get to the couch and sit on it. I look around. The kitchen is in another room beside the front door. I look at my mobile and there still was no signal. I wasn’t as worried as I was before. So far nothing weird was going on. I think about what his wife would think if she knew he was with me. She had warned me after all. In a moment he gets back downstairs.

He’s changed his clothes from his black trousers to grey jogging pants with a dark blue T-shirt. He’s barefoot. His hair is wet and messy. I put my purse on the table.
“Is that what you call comfortable?” He grins while getting closer to me
I just keep looking at him. I was a bit infatuated. There was something different about him but I couldn’t put my finger on it.
“How comfortable should I be? I can’t be naked, can I?” As soon I heard what I said, I regret it
“Well” He looks up and down at me “Now that you mention it. It would make my job easier”
“Still on that? You said I should take charge and this is it” I stand up and get to him
I stand on my toes and get closer to his lips but I don’t kiss him. My right hand on his chest, I look closely at him and him at me. He lays his hands on my hips. I can feel him move them to the zipper behind my skirt. I push him away and look upset.
“Keep your hands to yourself, mister”
“I will if you kiss me” He tries to but I step back
“So you want punishment instead?”
“Isn’t this it? I sure already am suffering”
I look down on his groin and see a big bulge in his pants. I keep looking at it. His breathing is getting heavier. I slowly lay my hand there and he grunts. I look up at him and without a warning, I kiss him passionately. I begin to moan and make him walk backwards until he hit the wall beside the fireplace. He doesn’t touch me. I press my body against him and I feel his hardness against me. Slowly I’m grinding against him while we kiss. I was about to enter a territory I never thought would happen. He made me feel wanted. All my hindrances disappeared and I became someone else.
“Oh Tom” I moan and wraps my arms around his neck “I want you”

He lays his hands on the hem of my skirt and lifts it up to my waste while we keep kissing. He pulls down my panties so they fall down my ankles to the floor and he touches me below. Our lips part and we look at each other.
“I’ve never felt this much wetness in my life. You must have held on for quite a while. Is this all because of me?” He looks into my eyes
“Yeah. That’s your price for respecting me” I touch his lower lip with my right-hand index finger
He thrust his two fingers into me and then takes them out again. He brings them to his mouth and tastes me”
“Mm, I wouldn’t need food after this. I could eat you”
“You don’t deserve that” I say and take a grip of the bulge which makes him grunt again
“Don’t think you deserve it either. Keep your hand off my cock” He takes my hand away
“Using rude words doesn’t make me go any faster. I’m in charge, remember?”
He doesn’t say anything. I step back and take both of his hands in mine. I walk backwards looking into his eyes while biting my lower lip. I turn around and push him to the couch. He smiles at me but I would make sure this wasn’t pleasant. I sit on his lap facing him and move my hand to his hair. I pull it and move his head to his right side. I get to his neck and bite him gently. It makes him groan. I kiss him there and move behind his ear. His breathing is getting heavier.
“You like that, baby” I whisper in his ear and I keep going
I move back and forth while I kiss him. He keeps his arms on the couch. I didn’t even need to tell him he wasn’t allowed to touch without my permission. I could feel his soaked pants mixed with my fluids. I stop kissing him and look down at his groin. I run my fingers inside the waistband of his pants while I bite my lower lip. I start to moan and my breathing gets deeper.
“You really want it, do you? You wanted it the first time we met”
“Yes” I manage to say and then pull it out
It’s fully erected and rock hard. My concern was how something this big would fit inside me. I take a firm grip of it and is about to put it in my mouth.
“You bad girl” He says upset and slaps my hand so I lose the grip
“Oh, Tom you are enormous so I just want to suck it. I never want to take it out” I’m so aroused
“Not this time” He takes it in his hand and direct it closer my opening “Ride me”

I had never been this ready. I finally got to feel him. Slowly I get on it and we both sigh of relief. It slides in smoothly. It felt so good. While I move back and forth on him, we look at each other. He keeps his hands on my hips while my arms lean against his shoulders. I start to move faster and soon I’m riding him. We moan together. It was so erotic. He stimulates my little nub with his right hand. He calls out my name and I do his. I understood why he wanted to come to this house. There were no neighbours for miles. He didn’t know me but somehow he anticipated how loud I was. He was the reason. No one has ever made me feel this way. He felt so good. He keeps complimenting my bouncing skills. When I finally reached my climax, I scream as loud as I could. Lastly, we kiss. I withdraw and we undress. He takes me on the couch one more time. It was the best sex I ever had and I knew then this wouldn’t be the last.

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