Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


7. Chapter 7

Before we got to Tom’s house, we stopped at a gas station for some gas and something to eat. It was getting closer to 4.30 pm when we get to the house. Some of the neighbours were coming home so there were a lot of people around. We decided she would drop me off and I would call her when I was ready. I walk up the driveway. The house is white and has two floors. I hadn’t looked at it that closely before. There was a flowerbed on the grass lawn. I get to the front door and take a deep breath. I ring the doorbell and wait. I look at the flowers. After a moment a blond woman opens the door and smiles. She looks a little different than before. Her hair was in a ponytail like mine and she wore blue jeans and a plain T-shirt.
“Nice flowers. Planted them yourself?” I ask before introducing myself
“Thank you. Yes, it is. I used to be a gardener”
“Oh I’m Jennah Sibley”
“Hi, I’m Chrystal Hiddleston. Come in”
I step in and see a big white hall with a big mirror on the left of the entering. Right in front, there is a living room with paintings on the wall. The kitchen was on the right and the stairs on the left. What was strange was that she didn’t ask what my business is. I was a total stranger and she let me in. Maybe I had a friendly face.
“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t ask what your business is. Silly me” She says amused
“It’s OK. I do that too” I smile because it was true “I’m a friend your husband. Or actually a mutual friend”
She has crossed her arms on her stomach after I turned around to face her. She didn’t look as happy as before.
“Oh, I see. I don’t know any of his friends or past ones”
“Well, I don’t really know him. I just met him once. He was more a friend of my sister. Well, more than that”
She looks even more confused but then smiles and puts her arms down.
“Would you like something to drink? Tea? Coffee?”
“Coffee would be fine, thank you”

We get to the kitchen and she gets to the counter where the coffee maker is. I sit down on the round table with flowers on it. The kitchen had white cabinets and a wooden counter on both sides of the kitchen. The fridge was situated in the corner of the window. From there you could see the backyard. The dishwasher was on the right. The kitchen itself was really clean. Chrystal puts two cups with saucers and two spoons on the table.
“Do you use cream or milk?” She asks while putting the sugar bowl on the table
“Milk, please. You got a very clean kitchen. Much better than mine” I smile to lighten up the mood
“Oh thank you. I like cleanness” She smiles shyly and then gets to the counter where the coffee is ready
She seems absent-minded. She almost forgets the milk. She’s about to sit down after putting the coffee pot on the table when she remembers. I pour her some coffee and then to mine.
“I’m sorry. I haven’t had any guests lately” She says when she sits with the milk and pours herself some
“It happens. Forgetting things” I pour some milk and sugar in my cup
“Sorry again. Did you want something with the coffee? I have biscuits if you like”
“It’s OK. Just coffee is fine” I smile a little and take a sip from my cup “It is good coffee”
“Thank you” She smiles back and then takes a sip from hers
“Have you lived here long?” I put my cup down on the saucer
“About 4 years” She keeps her right hand on the ear of the cup
She keeps her left under the table like she’s hiding something. I look outside the window for a moment and then at her. She didn’t look at me.
“It must be quite expensive to live in a house like this?” I try to keep the conversation up
“Yes but Tom’s job pays well” She looks at me for a moment and then take a sip from her cup
400 pounds per hour does get you a nice house, I think to myself. I was still miffed about that. There’s a clock on the wall above the door. It was already 5.30 pm. Maybe that was the reason she seemed nervous. She didn’t start a conversation and she gave short answers. She’s too nice to tell me to leave.
“So long have you two been married?”
“About 6 years I think. I’ve lost count” She smiles
That was almost straight after my sister took her own life. That said a lot.
“That’s quite a long time. My longest relationship was a month” I didn’t know why I told her that but this wasn’t going anywhere
“Want some more coffee?” She suddenly asks and stands up, getting to the counter
“No thank you” I say and smile
“Chrystal, you didn’t meet me at the door”

Tom is home. He enters the kitchen and when sees me sit by the table, he gets a puzzled look. Chrystal turns and smiles at him.
“We have company. This is Jennah Sibley” She’s a little nervous, I could hear in her voice
I smile at him. He looks even more confused. He recognized me but my last name was different. He was smart so he could figure it himself.
“Chrystal, I think I forgot my jacket in the car. Could you get it for me, dear” He looks at her and takes his car keys from his trouser pocket
“Sure” She gets to him and takes the keys
He looks back at me and then looks behind him to see if Chrystal has left.
“I thought your name was Sidney” He stands where he is
“No, it’s Sibley. Remember that name?”
“Should I?”
“Joanna Sibley, my big sister. Ring any bells?”
He isn’t upset. He thought he could fool me.
“No sorry. I want to know what you’re doing here. Waited for me perhaps?” He grins
“Yeah right. Like I want to have anything to do with my sister’s killer” I get upset
“I’m sorry but what are you talking about?” He gets on the other side of the table but he doesn’t sit down
Chrystal gets back to the kitchen but she doesn’t suspect anything.
“Are you sure it’s in your car?”
“Look again” He looks at her by the door and she gets back

“Don’t pretend you don’t know” I say when she’s gone
“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”
He was so annoying.
“Then I tell your wife what you’re doing”
“Are you threatening me?” He’s getting upset
“No, you are. I’m only reminding you”
“Get out of my house” He points at the door but I won’t move
“Scared your wife will find out your secret? My sister took her own life because you couldn’t stay away from her. Some psychiatrist you are. You’re supposed to help them and not make things worse” I’m angry
“I had nothing to do with it. Leave before I call the police. You’ve entered a private resident”
“So how about that helpless girl you’re forcing to have sex with you?”
“Are you making things up as you go alone? You’re wasting your time”
“You’re denying that too, I see. Well, maybe you confess to the police then” I’m about to stand up but sit down again when he sits down on the chair across the table
“OK, OK. I had nothing to do with Joanna’s death. I loved her but I went too far. I wanted her to love me the way I loved her. I know I shouldn’t have done what I did but I can’t take it back now”

I look at him for a while. I didn’t know if I should believe it or not. He lied before. Chrystal gets back to the kitchen and sees something was up.
“I didn’t find your jacket. Maybe you forgot it at work” She puts the keys in front of him
“I think I did” He looks up at her “Sorry to you bother you”
I look at Chrystal whose doubt has disappeared. I was still unsure what was going with her. Now she seemed to be alright again.
“It’s getting quite late. So Jennah I could take you home” He says to me
“I can call my friend to pick me up”
“You don’t need to bother. I don’t know if I never see you again so I would really like to talk to you some more”
“I think we already said everything. It’s better I call my friend” I stand up and take my mobile from my pocket
“I insist. Please”
I didn’t trust his intentions. I could meet the same faith as my sister. Chrystal looks at me. She tries to make me take the offer. I’m quite good at reading people’s faces. I look at Tom but he was a different challenge.
“Alright” I agree even if I was unsure
He takes his car keys and stands up to leave the kitchen.
“It was nice to meet you” Chrystal says to me by the front door and gets closer to my ear “Be careful” She whispers
That was the warning I was afraid of. I had just agreed to be in someone else’s mercy. Worried, I follow Tom to the outside. Chrystal stands by the front door. Before opening the door on the passenger’s side of the car, I take a look at her and swallow hard. It was time to leave.

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