Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


6. Chapter 6

I look at the time. Clara had been gone for 20 minutes so I assumed she had met Tom. There’s was nothing on the radio so I close it. I look out of the window and finally see Clara entering the car.
“Phew that was close” She says as soon as she’s inside
“Well, how did it go? I was so worried something had happened”
“He did exactly what you went through” She looks at me
“He kissed you?”
“I had to or I would never have come out. You know, he could be a great partner but it’s that weakness of his. He would never be faithful. You would think he’s a sex addict. Imagine that, a psychiatrist who can’t even handle his own problems”
“And my bill?”
She takes it from her jacket pocket and gives it to me.
“By the way, he’s ripping you off”
I open the bill and I’m shocked at the cost.
“I knew he would get back to me because I didn’t sleep with him. He’s so gonna get it so it hurts” I’m so upset
Clara looks out of the window.
“Look, he’s leaving. I guess his patient didn’t come” She starts the engine
He’s getting to his car and drives in high speed like the last time. Now we had a better car so we can keep up better. He didn’t drive home this time. I knew where he was going.
“He’s going to that poor girl again” I mention
“A patient I guess. Let’s see what this maniac is up to”

He drives to the suburbs and to the same brick house. We park the car from a distance but so we can see what’s happening. The same girl opens and it’s the same again. She still looked fragile and even more scared than before. She lets him in after he said something to her.
“Let’s go and peak in the window” Clara is about to open the door on her side when I grab her arm
“We can’t make things worse. He can’t find out who we really are” I’m really worried now
“We can’t let him do this. Maybe he’s raping her and we let it happen” She looks at me
“What can we do if he really is? Call your brother?”
“Or the police. But first, we got to know what’s going on”
“OK but let’s not make a sound” I open the door and she does the same
It was a quiet street. Maybe that’s the reason he had chosen this place. We close the car doors as silent as we can. We look around to see no one can see us. The brick house was in the middle of trees. We sneak closer to the house. There were closed curtains in every window so we couldn’t see inside. There were no sounds coming from inside. We’re almost crawling on all fours on the ground. Luckily there was no vegetation near the house so we didn’t have to worry about falling over and hurt ourselves. Suddenly, we hear sounds from one of the rooms. Clara tries to peek inside but curtains were closed there as well. Tom was saying something but we didn’t hear what it was. The house had quite thick windows. Then he raises his voice.
“You do as I say. If you want to get better, you suck it” He commands the girl

We look at each other and giggle like school girls. Without a sound of course. What kind of mental technic was this? We knew exactly what was going on. The girl was in danger but not as bad as we thought. I didn’t want to hear anymore so I show with my hand to Clara that we should leave and we do so. We run to our car and we can finally laugh out loud.
“Oh my, that was unbelievable. Really poor girl” Clara says between laughs
“I say. He is crazy” I laugh but not as much as her
We calm down and wait what will happen next. It’s about an hour when he comes out of the house. We wait before Clara starts the engine and follow him. He drives back to the office. It was already 2 pm.
“I wonder if he’s secretary knows what he’s up to. She did leave when I stayed there” Clara says when we wait for the next move
“And she did leave when I got there. It wasn’t even 5 pm yet” I interrupt her and let her continue
“Maybe her job is over earlier”
“Probably. But it’s still weird. I wonder how many men he has as clients. He did say he likes blonds. The hotter, the better. That should actually be his slogan” I giggle
“That’s a good one” Clara laughs a little
“We shouldn’t laugh about this” I’m serious again
“You’re right. But it is strange therapy. He should get them better and not worse. Just look what he did to Joanna”
“After I heard what happened in the house, his wife should know”
“Maybe she already does. Didn’t he say he didn’t want to get married?”
“That’s right. So?”
“Well, she knows what he did so she must know he’s cheating on her”
“We won’t know before we ask. I know where they live. I don’t think she works”
“What if he gets home and you’re there?”
“That’s the point. Scare him. I’m even gonna say my real last name. He won’t do anything if she’s there”
“That sounds dangerous and isn’t that the climax of the plan. You haven’t changed it, have you?” She wonders
“He won’t become cautious if we only follow him. We can’t sink to his level. He did everything he could to make my sister suffer. He preys on the weak and he’s not one of them. The plan is still the same but a bit different”
“OK. We do as you say. But be careful so you don’t say too much”
“I will. Will we get there now?”
Clara looks out of the window to see his car was still there and it was.
“Sure. I drive you there. I don’t think anything will happen here” She starts the engine
I tell her where to drive and the rest of the plan I had thought in my head. If this plan didn’t work, nothing would.

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