Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


5. Chapter 5

In the morning I call Clara and tell her what had happened. She got a little upset when I told her I almost slept with Tom. She suggested I should tell his wife about the whole thing but I thought it was too soon. The store worked for itself so we didn’t have to be there. We would have the day off and follow him. She would pick me up at 8 am. At the breakfast table while I’m eating I begin to think about the poor girl at the house. Who was she and was she in danger? She didn’t look well and after the talk, I had with Tom, anything could have happened. I would ask Clara what she thought. I’ve only mentioned it to her on the phone. I get myself ready. I lived in a flat in the city so I didn’t have a long way to go to work. The psychiatrist offices were on the side of the city so we needed to drive there. Clara picks me up exactly the time as we agreed. This time she had borrowed her brother’s blue Audi. She was the one with two brothers. One of them was a police officer so in case we needed help in anything we could go to him. We couldn’t tell anyone we were stalking someone. It was for a good cause, to help to catch the real person who caused my sister’s suicide. Tom might not have wrapped the rope around her neck but he was the reason she did. Every time I thought about it, the angrier I got.

Clara drives us to the building where the offices were. The psychiatrist practice would open at 9 am. We park the car on the other side of the street. There was quite a lot of traffic but we could still follow what’s on the other side. It was already 9.30 am when we see Tom coming with his Jaguar and parks the car in front of the building.
“Wasn’t it 9 am that his practice opens?” Clara asks and looks at me
I just nod and we keep watching. He steps out of the car and locks it with an automatic car key. This time he’s wearing a black suit without a tie. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. A blond woman walks past him on the street and he looks up and down at her from behind. He walks a few steps backwards and smiles, still looking at her. Then he gets inside the building.

“So what do you think?” I ask after a moment
“I see what you mean but after what you told me about yesterday, I feel the same. He is a jerk and he should be stopped. I wish we could follow him instead” She looks at me and pauses “I get an idea. Why don’t I become his patient? I am blond and I could make up a problem easily”
“No Clara. Too risky. It’s better we just wait”
“Alright” She looks outside again
It would be a while, so I put the radio on. We keep looking out of the window. It was a busy street so there was always someone there. Suddenly, my mobile rings.
“I hope everything is fine in the store” I take my mobile from my jacket pocket and look at the screen “It’s an unknown number”
“Answer it” Clara looks my way
“Hello, Jennah speaking”
“Hi, this is Dr Hiddleston’s secretary. Could you come to the office later on? There’s a bill for you. I could have sent it by letter or email put only you gave the phone number”
“Um, sure. What time?”
“You can come right away if you can” She says on the other end
“Alright, see you soon” I switch the mobile and put it back in my pocket
“So” Clara moves in her seat to look at me
“I should get to the psychiatrist office to pick up my bill”
“I could do it. Maybe I get to meet the doctor himself”
“I don’t know if they give it to you” I look at her
“I say I’m your friend. Didn’t you use the name Sidney as the last name?”
“Yeah but still”
“Come on Jennah. I doubt you want to meet him. I can ask questions you can’t. Please”
I think a while and then say yes. She smiles and opens the car door to leave. I was worried about her but I was sure she could handle it in case she met him. I watch her walking across the street after looking left and right for a free street. She had her brown skirt and flats on her feet. Her white blouse was covered with a black leather jacket. She’s a bit taller than me and her hair was loose. I was a little envious of her natural curls. She enters the building. She’s on her own now.

Clara is going up with the elevator to the 10th floor and finds the door to enter. She sees a female secretary at a desk and gets there.
“Hi, I came to get the bill for my friend. She couldn’t make it”
“Your friend’s name is?” The secretary asks
“Miss Sidney, Jennah”
While she searches for it on the laptop and prints it out, Clara looks at the closed door while waiting.
“Here” The secretary hands it out and smile
“Thank you” She quickly takes a glimpse at the cost and is surprised
He must be a really expensive psychiatrist or Jennah was being screwed. She’s about to leave when the door to the doctor’s office opens.
“Have my next patient arrived yet?” The doctor asks the secretary
“No, Sir. I tried to call but” She gets interrupted
“Well hello there?” He says to Clara “Take a break” He keeps looking at her with a smile without looking at his puzzled looking secretary
“Hello” Clara says and smiles back
“But I have work to do, sir” The secretary says to him but he doesn’t pay attention
“Where did you come from? Do you work in the building?” He says to Clara who got a little closer
The secretary understands she has to leave so she does so. She closes the door behind.
“No, I just came to pick the bill for my friend” Is her reply
“Come in. I have time until my next patient arrives which can take a while” He gets to the open door to his room
“OK” She follows him and he closes the door behind them

She sits on the chair across his desk and he gets behind it. He sits closer to it and lays his arms on the table with his fingers crossed. She keeps looking at him. She understood even more why Jennah had almost fallen for him. He is so incredibly handsome and that voice of his was hypnotizing. But she hadn’t forgotten why she was there in the first place. He keeps smiling at her without saying a word. Was he trying the silent flirting? The one where someone stares at a person until the other crack.
“Maybe this is too bold to say this but you are a very beautiful woman. I bet you’ve had a lot of partners” He suddenly says
“Yes, that is bold. I just met you so I don’t have to answer that”
She wouldn’t let his charm discourage her so she plays along.
“Don’t be so modest” He smiles “Does it make you uncomfortable when someone compliments you?”
“No, I’m only uncomfortable with this bill. 400 pounds for an hour? You got to be kidding” She looks at the bill and then at him
“If you get good service, you need to pay for it. Is your friend poor that they can’t pay?”
“Some service. Did you buy them dinner?” She jokes
“Well I did offer but, you know” He smiles again
“I think this is some kind of punishment. Didn’t the patient want to get better or what?”
“Why are we talking about this? That’s confidential” He looks seriously at her
“Sorry I was just wondering” She folds the bill and put it in her jacket pocket
“So you don’t need psychiatrist help then?”
“Not if I had to pay 400 for it. I rather talk to a friend about my problems”
“If you let me buy dinner, then I do it for free” He smiles again
“No thank you. I have to get back to work” She stands up and he does too
She’s about to walk to the door when he gets there first.
“Not before you let me kiss you” He tries to touch her but she doesn’t let him
“Isn’t your patient waiting?”
“Like I said, it can take a while. But a kiss is just for a moment. I know you want to”
He only thought she did but she had to get out somehow.
“Alright” She says and gets closer to him

She stands on her toes and he bends down. She lays her hand on his chest and their lips meet. He tries to kiss her deeper but she pushes him gently away. It had taken longer than expected so Jennah probably was already worrying. Clara opens the door and leaves the room. He closes the door and leans against the door with his eyes closed. He wanted so much more. The secretary was already back but Clara just leaves without looking at her.

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