Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


3. Chapter 3

I get to work the next morning. More happy than usual. I didn’t know why. Clara asked me how it had gone and she was surprised by my answer.
“That wasn’t what we planned. We were supposed to take revenge. Did you forget?” Clara wasn’t happy at all
“But you should have seen him. He’s hot”
“It doesn’t matter. What should we do now?”
She had a reason to be upset. We really did plan revenge. Things weren’t the way they seemed. I really didn’t need a psychiatrist. The truth was I only went there to see what my big sister, Joanne had to deal with. Dr. Tom Hiddleston was her psychiatrist for a year but then instead of helping her, he made things worse. He wasn’t as nice as he seemed. She suffered from anxiety and depression. He made her feel better for a while. They became lovers. Not dating patients were all a lie. He broke the rule over and over again. He made my sister happy until he started to stalk her. She broke it off but he didn’t leave her alone. She got him a restraining order but that didn’t help. She felt so helpless that one day she went to the forest. She was found dead by hanging in a tree. It broke our happiness. Our parents got so distraught that their marriage failed. I really was 17 at the time. That day I decided to take revenge. I told Clara about my plan and she would help me. But when I did meet Tom, I changed my mind for a while. Without Clara, I wouldn’t have gone through with it. He would get what he deserved.
“OK, I’m sorry. Now I can understand what my sister went through. There’s something about him that is so irresistible. We will do what we planned”
“That’s good. For Joanne” Clara and I shook both of our left hands together
It was a manner we did since we were kids. We would put our plan in motion at lunchtime.

At 12 am, I take the rest of the day off like we had planned. I borrow Clara’s car. It was a small black car that no one would pay attention to. I would follow every step Tom would take. He would taste his own medicine. I couldn’t follow to the building his office was but what he did outside of it was easy. I parked the car in front of it and waited. I wore a cap and a pair of dark glasses so he wouldn’t recognize me.

At 2 pm I see him come out of the building. He walks to a dark blue Jaguar that is parked a few meters away. He probably got paid very well if he could afford a car like that. He must be in a hurry since he is driving so fast. I can hardly keep up with him. He drives to the suburbs and slows down. The streets are empty. It was quite a quiet neighbourhood. He drives to a driveway in front of a big white house. I park the car a bit further away. I follow what he does. He gets out of the car and leaves it unlocked. A blond woman steps out of the house and they kiss. Was that bastard married too? He really lived like a king for sure. A beautiful wife and a nice life. It was so unfair. I was boiling inside. He probably didn’t even remember what he’d done. I’m about to step outside when he gets back. The woman follows him and they talk a while. I’m too far away so I don’t hear what they are saying. They kiss goodbye and he gets inside his car. He drives away from the driveway while his wife waves to him. She gets back to the house. I start the engine and follow him. Thinking he’s going back to work, he drives the other way. Where was he going? He drives through the suburbs and then stops by a brick house. He didn’t park the car in the driveway but instead left it on the street. I stop my car behind a tree but so I see what he’s doing. He walks to the house and rings the doorbell. He looks around like he was worried someone would see him. The door opens slowly and a blond young girl opens the door. She looks fragile and she doesn’t smile. Maybe he’s making a house call but then he kisses her lips. She didn’t look pleased. I was appalled. Was she his next victim? She seems reluctant to let him in. He says something to her and she lets him in. I didn’t even want to imagine what he was doing in there. It took forever before he came out and this time he was alone. He gets back to his car. I wish I could go and talk to the girl but I had to follow him. He drives to the highway and back to the city. It was already 4 pm when he gets back to his office. It was time for the next move. This time I would go as myself. I wouldn’t say anything about what I know. I would try to seduce him but it wouldn’t be easy.

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