Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


17. Chapter 17

Had Clara gone mad too? She stood with the knife in her hand like she was possessed. She keeps looking at it with evil eyes.
“A shame she didn’t finish the business. You know I wish she would have come to our lives earlier. We could have got the revenge from both of your sisters. He’s been without punishment for too long. He wasn’t supposed to wrap you around his little finger but you had to fall for him. I don’t know who should go first, you or him”
She looks at me but doesn’t come close. She never liked me to skip the plan we had. But I didn’t know I would fall in love.
“Don’t do anything stupid. You don’t want to go to jail” I try to stay calm but my heart was beating faster
“You don’t know what I want. You never did. I followed you wherever you went since we were in school. But you never asked me why. You saw me as a best friend but you were more than that to me. This is not about friendship that turns into love. I’m as straight as a person can be but I wanted to try something different for a change”
“What are you saying? You’re straight but you want an affair with me? Now I’m confused”

She gets closer to me with the knife close to her left leg. She looks at me closely and touches my hair.
“Yes exactly. You’re a beautiful woman with nice lips and nice breasts. I always wanted to feel them”
“I’m sorry, Clara but I don’t go that way” I take her hand away even if she could use the knife on me
“I’m sure your boyfriend wants to see two women kiss”
“What have you done with him?” I look behind her
“Nothing. He’s probably watching us. Let’s give him a show” She tries to kiss me but I move my head away
She lifts the knife up to the waist of my skirt. Chrystal has noticed what was going on and she gets to us. She looks angry at Clara and takes the knife from her hand.
“Yuck, two straight women kissing. How dare you? It’s disgusting. I rather go to psychiatric ward than seeing this. Tom can have you. I don’t want anything to do with him again” She puts the knife on the counter and gets to the front door to leave

“What is going on?” He gets from the backroom where the bathroom is
“Yes, it worked” Clara jumps for joy and claps her hands together “The plan worked”
She wraps her arms around my neck to hug me and then gets to Tom to do the same. I’m even more confused now.
“I told you it would” He smiles
“It was all an act?” I question
“Yes, I just made it up in the backroom while you two kept talking to Chrystal. I wasn’t unconscious at all”
“To pretend you were interested in me romantically?”
“Exactly, she can’t stand if two of the same sex interaction. Tom told me what a prude she is”
“Careful, it’s my soon to be ex-wife you’re talking about” He interrupts her excitement
“I’m sorry. Anyway, she’s out of your life so you two can live happily ever after. Or whatever you couples do”
“One thing. When did you two talk about this?” I doubt
They look at each other. Had they met behind my back doing something they shouldn’t have? Had I’ve been betrayed by both of them? They seemed to get along much better than before.
“OK, I have a confession to make. But don’t worry. It’s not the way you think?” Clara says and gets to me “We met last week in the city by accident. I didn’t want to talk but he insisted. We talked about you two and the thing with Chrystal. That’s where I heard about what she can’t stand. That’s all”

I look at Tom and he looks at me. For once I believe it was true. With the recent events, I understood what length he would go for us to be together. I get to him and give him a passionate kiss. He wraps his arms around my waist to respond. Clara is about to put the sign back to open.
“Let’s close for the day. I think we all need a break from everything that happened” I say to her and then look back at Tom “Besides there are things we have to do” I give him a wink
“You go. I can lock the doors”
I get my purse from the backroom and we say goodbye to Clara.

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