Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


16. Chapter 16

After the weekend I get back to work. Clara was upset at me so she didn’t talk to me all day. She didn’t like I skipped work just to be with Tom. I tried to convince her he wasn’t the way she claimed but she didn’t listen. She was determent he would cheat on me. There wasn’t much I could do to change her mind. There were a few customers in the store when a familiar face appears.

“Hi, Chrystal” I smile when she enters the store
Clara is serving a client so she didn’t know what was going on. Chrystal didn’t look happy. Her hair is cut short. She didn’t wear make-up like she used to. She’s wearing a pair of blue jeans with a plain t-shirt and a jacket. She still wore her wedding ring. I tried to be friendly but she could see right through me.
“I want you to leave my husband alone. You had your fun. He’s mine” She is upset
“No, you should. He doesn’t want you”
“Oh yeah. You don’t know him like I do. Everything was fine until you came alone”
“Fine? You must be joking. He cheated on you. That’s not fine” I’m calm
“Shut up” She raises her voice “You don’t know anything, you bitch”
Clara’s customer startles a little at the counter on the other side of the store.
“Calm down Chrystal. You can’t shout in my store” I tell her but she doesn’t
“Don’t tell me what to do. You listen to me. Leave him alone or I’ll make your life a living hell. I warned you” She points her index finger at me
“Listen, bitch but you’re not gonna stand in my way. This is harassment. Leave before I call the police” I’m getting angry
“What does he see in you anyway?” She looks at me in despise

I didn’t want to make this a fight so I don’t say anything. Clara’s customers have left so she gets where we are.
“Problems?” She gets behind the counter where I stand
“Who are you?” Chrystal says upset to her
“Who are you? You’re driving our customers away” Clara is calm
“Mind your own business. I’m talking to this whore”
Clara is appalled and looks at me. Then back to her.
“Listen, you’re in our store and we throw out troublemakers. You leave nicely or we have to take another approach” She’s still calm but it wouldn't stay that long
“Are you on her side? Are you one of my husband's whores too?”
Clara sighs.
“She’s my friend and has nothing to do with this” I interrupt
“I know what this is. You’re both in this fan club where stealing other people’s partners is fun. Maybe you change your mind when I show you this” She says and takes a knife from her back pocket and points it at us
We step back a step and gasp. We hold each other's arms and keep staring at the knife. Chrystal has gone insane.
“We must call my brother” Clara whispers to me

Luckily there were no customers but we could get interrupted any minute. Chrystal gets to the front door and turns the sign on the door to the closed side. She gets back to us with the knife, still pointing it at us.
“Get to the backroom. We don’t want attention, do we?”
We’re too scared to resist so we do so. We walk backwards while she follows.
“What are you trying to gain with this?” I bravely ask but it upsets her
“Shut up” She yells and I jump out of fright “Sit down both of you and let’s talk”
We both keep staring at her and sit down on the two chairs.
“I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person. It’s just this doubt in my mind that keeps playing in my head. It’s been like that since my sister killed herself. I had in control until you came along. In a way, it’s your fault, Jennah. You took something away from me that I thought I never lose. The one person that could help me. But now he doesn’t even care anymore because of you” She is calm again
“Chrystal I” I try to say but she interrupts me
“You only speak when I tell you to” She looks upset at me and then looks at Clara “Want to say something?”
“No” Clara shakes her head nervously
“Good. Now Jennah, you’re gonna call Tom to come here. I want to talk to him. Where is your mobile?” She says to me
“In my purse in the closet over there” I point my head towards it
“Get it”

I stand up and get my phone. She keeps pointing the knife at us.
“Only tell him you got a surprise for him in the store. He likes that” She smiles little
Nervously I find the number and wait for a reply. He probably was too busy so he couldn’t answer. I’m about to give up when he does.
“Hi, babe. I’ve got a surprise for you in the store”
“I’m busy. I have a patient waiting” He says on the other end
“But this is really important. I want you to come. I’m alone and I need you” I say seductively
It takes a while before he replies.
“Um, OK. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Be patient” He then ends the call
“You are good” Chrystal smiles but then get serious again “Sit down and wait”
Clara and I look at each other. Our friendship hadn’t been the same way it used to. Maybe this would bring us closer together. Neither of us knew what Chrystal could do so we didn’t say anything. She keeps standing where she is and looks around the room. I could understand she was hurt but not why she acted this way. Tom would not get back to her, I was sure. He loved me and nothing would change that.

About 10 minutes the front door of the store open. Chrystal points the knife at me and signs for me to meet him. When I get there we smile at each other. I’m relieved he was there and somehow he could sense something wasn’t right.
“Hi baby” Chrystal appears from the backroom
“What’s this?” He looks puzzled at her and then at me “You said you were alone”
“Aren’t you giving your wife a kiss?” She smiles at him and get closer
“I told you never get in touch with me again. I want you out of my life” He says upset
“No, you’re just saying that in front of her. It’s me you love. Don’t deny it”
“Don’t put words in my mouth. It’s been over for over a year. I don’t love you. I despise you. Now leave” He gets closer to her but then she takes out of the knife behind her back and points it at him
“Don’t come any closer”
My heart is beating faster. I had never been this scared before. He steps back.
“Take it easy. You don’t want to hurt me. We can talk about this if you only stop this nonsense” He tries to calm her
“This is not nonsense” She yells angry “You listen to me. If you keep seeing this bitch, I swear I do something”
“You can’t control me. You need help but it’s not gonna be me. I love Jennah and as soon as I get a divorce, I’m gonna marry her”

My eyes wide when I hear it. Was it true or was it just something he said to provoke her.
“No, you’ll never get it. You belong to me and I kill her if I have to” She’s furious
“You do no such thing. Now give me the knife” He stretches out his right hand towards the knife but she swings it so it almost touches his wrist
I gasp and steps back a few steps behind him.
“Stay back”
“OK but you have to stop swinging that thing. I understand you’re hurt but don’t take it out on Jennah. This is not her fault. If you want someone to blame, blame me. I’m the one who couldn’t help you”
“Stop with your psychology junk” She interrupts him “I don’t need a psychiatrist; I need a person who listens to me. You never did. You only saw me as one of your patients and not the person I am. When I wanted your attention, you went somewhere else. You were never there for me”

While listening to her, I noticed they had a lot of unsolved issues. Maybe it was bad timing for me to get involved with someone at this stage. I’m about to walk past them to get to the backroom when she notices.
“Where do you think you’re going?” She gets in front of me
“Um, I thought I would”
“Don’t think. Get back” She points the knife at me and I do
She looks upset at me and then looks back at Tom.
“Please let her go”
“And Clara” I quickly say and he looks surprised at me
“You have another one hostage? Have you gone mad?” He looks angry at Chrystal
“That is not a hostage” She yells furiously “Stop twisting my mind. You keep doing that all the time. It’s because of you. I was totally fine before I met you. I can’t believe I fell in love with you in the first place. I could just slit your throat so I never had to see you ever again”
She’s so angry she could actually do it but all she does is squeezing the handle of the knife as tightly as she can. I’m about to have it but I was still worried what would happen if I tried to attack her. I hadn’t heard anything from the backroom. I hope Clara is alright. Tom is strangely calm. He didn’t move an inch even if Chrystal was having her tantrum. The reason why came clear straight away.
“So you’re threatening me again then. That’s the only thing you can do best. Then you wonder why I cheated on you with other women. You blame me for everything. Always doubting. You’ve never been completely fine. I wanted to help you but you didn’t let me. It doesn’t matter now since I’m not the same person anymore. You have to let it go”
“Not this time” She interrupts and she gets closer to him

She stands on her toes and lays the knife against his throat. He swallows hard. It’s then I take my chance. I get to her and push her so hard so she loses her balance and the knife falls on the floor. I kick it further away and turn her on her stomach. I twist her arms so it bends behind her back. She screams in pain. Tom looks at me in shock. I had just saved his life. He gets down to me and while taking a grip of Chrystal’s other arm, he looks at me in disbelief.
“Wow, where did you learn to do that?”
“Hold her down. I’ll check out Clara” I say and get to the backroom
When I get there, I see her unconscious on the floor. She’s been hit in the head. I roll her over and slap her cheek lightly. She slowly opens her eyes and tries to stand up. I help her to get on the chair. I calm her down and tell her it’s over. I get her a bottle of water from the little fridge on the right corner. I get back to the store where Tom has lifted up Chrystal on her feet. She had calmed down so he didn’t need to hold her. I see tears running down her cheeks. She looks down on the floor.
“Is she alright?” I ask him with a normal volume
He takes my hand and we get to the changing rooms. He pushes me against the wall and gives me a passionate kiss. He stops and looks in my eyes.
“Thank you for saving me. You don’t know what a turn on that was” He gives me another kiss
“This is not the time or the place. How can you think about sex at this moment? You’re wife just got a nervous breakdown and all you think about is that? Have you no shame?” I’m a bit upset
“You said it, not me. I just wanted to thank you. You are naughty” He smiles
“I’m sorry. My mistake. We should go back” And I do so
Chrystal is still standing in the same place. I look for the knife on the floor where I kicked it but it wasn’t there. Had she taken it? I get to her and ask but she’s quiet. I look behind her back but it wasn’t anywhere on her. That was strange. I look behind me and see Clara with it. She looks at it closely.
“Clara, what are you doing with that?” I’m so worried

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