Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


15. Chapter 15

I couldn’t stand in the shower all day so I switch it off. I didn’t hear anything from the bedroom. I take my towel that is hanging on the wall of the bathroom and dry myself. My hair is wet so I dry it with the same towel. I wrap it around me and get to the bedroom. I didn’t see him anywhere. His mobile is gone too. I had to put something on so I get my bathrobe from the closet. I hear talking from the living room so I get there but stop by the stairs. Tom is talking on the phone with someone. It is a heated conversation.
“I’m sorry but you can’t keep in touch anymore. I’m with someone else and it won’t change. I told you time and time again, I want your name on that divorce paper and that is final. Goodbye Chrystal” He’s really upset but the call didn’t end there “Well, I don’t care what you think about her and I don’t care you still love me. Leave me alone and don’t you dare to get in touch again” He furiously ends the call and throws the mobile on the couch

I walk downstairs and walk to him. He had put his black jeans and a plain t-shirt on. He smiles when he sees me. I didn’t dare to say I heard the conversation.
“Hey, there love. Are you still upset with me?”
“I wasn’t upset” I stand in front of him but not too close
“OK then. I just had a call from Chrystal and I told her the truth and it’s time for you to know it too. Let’s sit on the couch. It will take a while” He takes my hand and we get there
“What truth is this?” I’m puzzled
“I wasn’t really honest with you and you’re probably gonna hate me after I told you this”
“OK” I look at him doubting
“Your sister wasn’t the only one who killed herself because of me. Also the sister of Chrystal. The real reason why I married her was that I felt guilty. I had an affair with her big sister who was a patient of mine. The difference between her and Joanna was that I really loved your sister. I confess I was a very bad psychiatrist to both of them. You were right, I felt powerful when I got their attention” He tells me until I interrupt him
“Wait a minute. You’re only with me because of pity? Clara is right, you’re gonna cheat on me too” I say upset and is about to stand up when he takes my hand
“No, this time it’s different. Please don’t go”
I’m still upset when I sit back down.
“It’s the sex, isn’t it? You love that and not me” I look at him
“That’s not true. Maybe it was earlier but not now. I prove it to you” He takes his mobile on the couch and looks in it

He searches the phonebook and shows me the screen. There’s a list of female names and there were a lot.
“Wow, Mr Popular” I smile a little “Should I be impressed?”
“See, all these phone numbers mean nothing to me. I let you delete all of them. One by one”
“And that is proof that you love me for real? Maybe you just want to brag how many women you’ve slept with. Should this turn me on somehow?”
“Still doubting, I see. I’m not bragging. I’ve only met these people once and that tells a lot. None of them has ever made me feel like you do. You’re the only one who didn’t give up on me. You have no idea what you make me feel when I’m not with you” He begins to touch my ear and down my cheek
He puts the mobile beside him on the couch and moves his right hand between my legs. I didn’t stop him from doing so. He smelled so good so I was almost about to fall. But as soon as he would get further, I would push him away.
“So this is how you seduce them then? Saying all these words to make them fall one by one”
“Keep teasing me and you will see a totally different side of me” His breathing is getting heavier and he’s about to move his right hand to my opening
I take a grip of his hand and look upset at him.
“OK then. I’ll delete them but only if you back off”
“Oh Jennah” He sighs and leans his back against the couch with his eyes closed
I look at his groin while I take his mobile. One thing was for sure. I could not stay away from him no matter how hard I tried to resist him. While I’m deleting the numbers, I keep glimpsing at his growing groin. He still keeps his eyes closed. I had a lot of numbers to delete but I could just leave it and do things to him. I stop for a while but he had a sixth sense so he opens his eyes to look at me.
“Keep on or you won’t get the prize”

I tried to concentrate but it gets more difficult. I don’t know how many numbers I had deleted when I couldn’t stand it anymore. I put the mobile on the table in front of the couch while staring at the bulge through his jeans. I take my bathrobe off and get on my knees on the couch. Without a warning, I take a grip of his groin and kiss him there. He has no time to react when I open his jeans and take his erected member in my mouth. He gasps and he doesn’t say anything. I take him deeper into my mouth and suck him. I had been waiting for this so long and I didn’t want to stop. My moans and his grunts were getting louder. We didn’t have this much noise in this house before. Now there were neighbours around so anyone could hear. He pulls my hair while I take him. He calls out my name and begs me to release him but I wanted to punish him. He had hurt my feelings and keeping secrets from me. I would make sure he would never look for sex anywhere else. I don’t know how long I’ve been taking him but when he finally releases his lust, he uses every dirty word that comes to mind. Exhausted, I sit beside him on the couch.
“Wow. I can’t. Wow” He says between heavy breaths
I calm down my breathing with my eyes closed. I look at him and touch the tip of his member with my index finger. I lick my lips.
“Oh Tom you’re so tasty”
He takes a grip of my wrist.
“You had yours and now it’s my turn” He gets on top of me
We make love on the couch. I still had numbers to delete but they were irrelevant now.

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