Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


14. Chapter 14

The next morning I wake up in Tom’s arms. After dinner, we went straight home and made love until dawn. He confessed he had felt something when Clara had tried to seduce him. But it wasn’t for her but the words. He told me to talk the way she did and it triggered something amazing. He really got off easily by just talking dirty. It was so easy talking about sexual fantasies to him. Even the craziest ones. Before this all, I wasn’t that open about sex. I weren’t actually a prude but close to it. He taught about things I didn’t know about. He was 12 years older after all. I watch him sleep. It was 7 am but there was no hurry. We both called ourselves sick so we could spend all day together. I was in love and all I wanted was to be with him. I kiss his lips and he slowly opens his eyes. I gasped every time I saw his eyes shine so blue. It never stopped to amaze me.

“Hi” I say and smile
“Hi” He smiles back and caresses my hair
I kiss him again and get on top of him. I can feel his hardness against me.
“I think I’ve woke up the beast” I say when I stop kissing
“You shouldn’t because. Now I have to take you” He turns me around and I spread my legs
He gets inside me while we kiss and he starts moving back and forth.
“Nothing beats a fuck in the morning” I say moaning between kisses and I wrap my legs around him with my arms around his neck
He stops kissing me and pushes hard inside me so I scream.
“That’s for saying a dirty word”¨
I say it again and another push. I say it a few more times and then he reaches his peak. Exhausted he lays on his back beside me.
“Oh Tom” I take his hand and lay it on my groin “It’s my turn. Touch me”

He thrust his fingers inside me and stimulating my throbbing nub with his thumb. He looks at my heaving chest and then kisses my nipples. I put my fingers in his hair. Every touch and move he makes I pull it. I’m about to come and he stops kissing. He loved watching my body move while I climax. At the end, I try to take his hand away but he takes me to the edge. My moans are loud. He gets to my lips and we kiss a while. He withdraws his fingers and gets them to my lips so I can taste myself. We look at each other and smile.
“I love it when you come. Your breasts. Your cunt. Oh Jennah” He looks closely at me
“Na-a, no bad words”
“What else? I won’t call it by the real name” He smiles
“I love you, Tom”
“I love you too, Jennah” He gives me a kiss “I’m gonna take a shower. Want to join me?”
“I’m gonna close my eyes for a while”
“OK, I’ll be right back” He gets out of bed

I watch him walk to the bathroom and smile. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have someone like him. I get myself covered with the sheet and close my eyes to sleep. But I can’t do it for long when I hear a peep from his mobile on the night table. I’m curious to know who sent him a text. I get to the other side of the bed to pick it up. I read the message and I’m appalled.
“I’m sorry baby I acted the way I did. I’m so sorry. I still love you. Please call me. Love Chrystal”
I couldn’t believe it. Was she gonna destroy our relationship with this nonsense? I hear him turning off the shower. I put the mobile back on the table and pretend to sleep. He gets out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He sits on the bed beside me and tries to take off the sheet. I open my eyes and pull it back up to my chin. I didn’t want to keep the message a secret. I tell him about it and he gets upset.
“You read my text without permission. No one touches my phone” He stands up
“I’m sorry”
He gets to the other side of the bed and takes his mobile. I didn’t understand why he got upset at me. Maybe he was trying to keep something from me. He reads the text message and deletes it.
“Bitch” He says and puts the mobile back on the night table “I’m sorry, Jennah. I didn’t mean to react that way”

I sit up on the bed but I was still hurt. He takes the towel off and throws it on the chair beside the night table. He gets back to the bed beside me.
“Are you ready for another round?” He tries to kiss me
“Why is your wife texting you?”
“She always does that when she gets crazy. So how about it?” He tries to kiss me again but I move an inch away from him
“But she’s not with you and never will, right?”
“Please don’t spoil this moment”
“Does it make you feel powerful getting attention from all these women?”
“What are you talking about? You know I only want you. No one else matters” He caresses my hair “I already deleted the message. What else do you want me to do?”
“I’m gonna take a shower so you can think about what you really want?” I get out of bed with the sheet around me and get to the bathroom

I hear him sigh deeply before closing the door behind me. I didn’t know what I was doing. I wondered about the reaction when I told him I read a private text. I still didn’t trust him. Maybe there was something on the mobile he didn’t want me to see. I put the shower on and stand under the pouring water. It was so warm so I could stand there forever. I didn’t know what Tom was doing but at this moment, I really didn’t care. This day had turned something totally different than I had expected.

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