Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


13. Chapter 13

A month later I move in with Tom. It took longer to work but we went to work at the same time. When I told Clara about what had happened, she got really upset at me. She didn’t talk to me for a week. We could work together but we didn’t talk. She gave up because she couldn’t stay mad at me for too long. She was happy for me but also worried. She couldn’t stand Tom for what he was. I tried to tell her he wasn’t the same but she didn’t want to believe it. I tried to get them to get on but she didn’t want to. Technically he was also still married so that disturbed her even more. She wanted to prove I was wrong so we made a plan. She invited him to the store after hours. Like she guessed he got there. I was in the backroom and heard everything. It didn’t go as she planned though.
Clara is in the store folding a few blouses. The store had just closed. The front door opens and Tom steps inside.
“Hello” He smiles and she looks up
“Hi” She smiles back and gets to him
“So what is this important thing you wanted to say?” He looks around and then at her
“You don’t remember when I got to your office and we kissed. Passionately I would say”
“Yeah, so?” He looks strangely at her
“Is that dinner still valid?” She touches his chest while looking up at him
“You know I’m with Jennah. I don’t think she would like it”
“Let’s skip dinner and try that amazing tool she’s been bragging about” She moves her hand to his groin but he takes her hand away
“I don’t know what this is but I don’t sleep with my girlfriend’s friends. Not even the beautiful ones”
“You did cheat on your wife with your patients several times”
“That was then. If this was all, I have to go” He’s about to get to the door when she grabs his arm gently
“Please don’t go. I know I’ve acted like I don’t like you but that’s just an act. I do. I really do. So much that I touch myself when I think about you and it feels good” She licks her lips seductively

That wasn’t planned. She wasn’t supposed to go this far. I wanted to storm out and stop this show.
“Really? Hm, that’s interesting” He gets closer “I didn’t think you would feel like that”
“I find you so sexy and I wonder how you feel like”
He gets closer and touches her hair. It was loose and her curls were hanging over her shoulders.
“I actually really enjoyed our little kiss. I thought about it a few days. It did get me hard and now when I look at you, I know why” He gets closer to her lips when I storm out of the backroom

She was right. He did take the bait. But instead of being startled, he smiles at me. I’m confused. He moves away from her and gets to me.
“You thought you could fool me with this little charade. I know you don’t really trust me so you two made a plan to get me” He then turns to Clara who feels relieved because she truly still didn’t like him “I must say, you really are a good actress. You should do it for a living. But it is kind of rude trying to get me with that talk. It could have worked before but not anymore”
“This is not funny. I really thought you were serious. Never do that again or I’ll smack you” She shakes her head in disbelief
“You can count on that”
“You’re actually wrong” I say and he looks at me “I do trust you but she doesn’t. It’s was her idea”
“Really?” He looks at Clara
“Maybe you haven’t noticed but I don’t like you. I think you’re a cheat. You think you can get any woman you want with your charm and good looks. You’re an egomaniac and seek attention”
“Is that so? So it’s not just denial?”
“There you go again. Just get out of my sight” She says upset and gets to the backroom
He just smiles.
“Must you do that?” I say and he looks at me
“Sorry but it’s kind of funny to tease people”
“They might think its flirting. I get my stuff” I say and get to the backroom

Clara is packing her things in her purse. She’s upset.
“God, he’s annoying. How can you stand it?”
“Maybe he’s right. Maybe you like him for real. You’re not blind. He’s gorgeous, you said it yourself”
“I don’t deny that. It’s his whole personality I can’t stand”
“I know he can be a bit too much. But when he’s with me, he’s totally different. He tells me things he never told anyone before. He’s relieved he doesn’t need to listen to problems at home” I take my bag from under the table
“Like I said, it’s just an act. You’ll see. He will get back to be an ass again. I know when someone is aroused and he was”
“Sorry, you feel that way. I got to go. See you tomorrow” I say and leave
He’s doing something on his mobile when I get to him.
“OK, I’m ready”

He put the mobile in his jacket pocket and opens the door. His car is in front. Before starting the engine, he turns to me.
“What was that all about?”
“What?” I look at him
“I’m not seeking attention am I?”
“Well, maybe when it comes to women at least”
“That’s obvious but not as much as before. Thanks to you” He touches my hair and then starts the engine
We would go to dinner. On the way there I think about what Clara said in the backroom. I know he had finally changed but still in the back of my mind, I doubted. I looked at his groin just in case but there was no sign of anything. Clara had indeed said things to him that could turn him on. When we get to the restaurant I forgot what had happened.

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