Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


12. Chapter 12

Tom drives to the driveway and stops the engine. The door to his house opens and Chrystal stands by the door. She didn’t look happy. I understood why I was here. He wanted to break up with her in front of me. It was quite cruel to do so. He steps out of the car and gets to her. But when she sees me, she gets furious.
“What a hell is she doing here?” She shouts angry at him
“I’m serious about her and I want you to know I truly do want a divorce”
“So you brought your whore here” She still keeps shouting
I look around to see if any of the neighbours were nearby but I guess they weren’t home.
“Let’s go inside” He says and walks past Chrystal
She looks at me despitefully. I feel a little uncomfortable. She gets inside and is about to close the door behind but I get there first. Tom is in the living room.
“Any more of your whores coming here?” She shouts
I stay in the hall. I felt like I was in a middle of a war zone. The usually clean house was messy. There was a broken chair in the hall. A broken flower pot on the kitchen floor. The living room had clothes and magazines spread out.
”Don’t call them that. And what have you done here? One of your tantrums again” He says calmly while looking around the room
“Why would you care? I can do what I want?” She’s still furious
“This is my house” He looks at her but still stays calm
“I don’t care. You’re not gonna screw your new whore here”
“I wouldn’t give you that pleasure”

What was he trying to prove? That I would fall in love? This wasn’t fun and it’s unpleasant to be in a middle of their fight. I still stand in the hall. I didn’t want to move.
“No, you do it at your other precious house. I know what use that for. With me, you just want normal sex but with them who let them do anything. Did you think about her when you were with me?” She doesn't calm down
“Yes, and it made it so much better. I still think about it right now” He closes his eyes for a moment
“Did you send her here to make a fool of me?” She points at me
“No, I didn’t even know her at the time” He glimpses at me over her shoulder for a while
She surprised of the answer and then turns around to look at me. She calms down and gets to me. Was she gonna do something?”
“Who are you then if you’re not a patient?”
“Leave her alone” He says and gets to where we are
“He used to be my sister Joanna’s psychiatrist. She killed herself because of him” I started to remember that and woke me up from my dream
I look past her and look at Tom.

“Now I know why you’re so eager to tell me you love me. It’s not about me, it’s about my sister. You’re trying to make it up to me. You feel responsible for Joanna’s death. I should have seen this. I can’t believe you as a psychiatrist can’t see it” I’m a little upset
He looks puzzled. He looks at Chrystal who smiles a little. He looks back at me.
“No, that is not it. I didn’t even think about that”
“Of course you didn’t. Has sex blinded your judgement? I don’t even think you’re capable of love. I’ve seen how you look at beautiful women walking down the street. You even tried to seduce my friend Clara because she’s what you like. Beautiful and blond. Admit it, it makes you hard” I say and look down at his groin
Lucky for him it didn’t show through his black jeans but I knew he was. He looks at his wife whose she’s also looking down. He swallows hard.
“That’s not true” He tries to say without trying to prove he was
“Wow, she is good. She should be a psychiatrist and not you” Chrystal says to him after looking up again

She’s calm unlike him. He tries so hard not confess. He is probably thinking about it right now.
“It’s really eating you out, isn’t it? Feeling that tightness but you can’t release it. Hm, what should you do? Keep it inside or take it out? Wait, you can’t because we’re both here and you don’t go that way. Or do you?” I tease him
“OK, stop. I got your point. I admit sex does control me but it hasn’t softened my brain. And yes I am hard but it’s because of you Jennah” He looks at me “Sorry Chrystal but I don’t feel the same about you”
“What?” She gets upset “You choose her over me because she can talk dirty?”
“It’s more than that” He smiles at me
“God, just go with her then. I don’t care!” She’s so angry she runs upstairs
“Was that really necessary?” I’m a bit upset
“Yes, it was. If I want her to get the point. Besides, the faster she leaves the better so we can make love. It’s still true about how hard I am” He gets to me and tries to kiss me
I put my hands on his chest and push him away.
“How can you think about that now? I really don’t like the way you treated her”
“She can find another psychiatrist if she wants. I’m done with her and her problems” He tries to kiss me again
“Were you her psychiatrist?” I’m surprised
“Yeah” He tries to kiss me again but I push him away
“For 6 years?”
“Yeah, what’s your point?”
“So you married her because?”
He steps back. Had I hit a nerve?
“It’s a long story but I kind of felt sorry for her and I didn’t want to be alone. I told you before about that”
“But you’re not. You always had someone, right?”
“Having sex with someone is not the same as being with someone. You can still feel lonely even if you have someone. Do you know what I mean?”
This was the side of him that I wanted to see and not the one who wanted to be tough.
“Yes I know”

Chrystal is walking down the stairs with a big suitcase. She looks at us upset.
“I thought you two were already at it. Can’t make it work?” She sarcastically says
“No, we were waiting for you to leave. I don’t want to make you jealous” He evilly says
I look at him and mime to him ‘don’t’ She shows him her tongue and gets to the door. I whisper to him to go and apologize.
“Wait, Chrystal” He gets to the door “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude”
“Safe it. Have a nice life. You two deserve each other” She’s angry and opens the front door “Jennah, good luck with this jerk” She says to me and leaves, slamming the door behind her

“Why must you always act like a jackass? It’s so unbecoming” I get to the kitchen to get something to drink
I take a glass from the cabinet and look in the fridge. There’s a bottle of water so I pour some and then drink it in one go. I lift the broken flower pot on the kitchen sink. Tom gets there and he looks upset.
“I can’t believe what she did. The bedroom is a mess and so is the bathroom. A clean freak and this much crap. Should I call her back?” He looks at me
“Don’t be silly. She’s not your cleaner. I can understand why you chose her though”
“That’s not the reason. She’s too clean. Not a single crumb anywhere. Heaven’s forbid if you left a stain on the counter. World war 3” He gets to me and wraps his arms around me
“We should clean this up” I try to get away from him but he holds me tighter
“What about making this a real date? Dinner and sex. It doesn’t need to be in that order. We can clean up later. Or maybe go to your place”
“I guess you want sex first” I lay my hand on his groin
“You read my mind” He opens my jeans and pulls them down
He opens his and pulls them down. He lifts me up on the counter and takes me. But dinner was out of the question. It was dark outside so we get into his car and it’s my turn to pleasure him. It was too messy in the house so we couldn’t be there. We spend the night at my place instead.

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