Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


11. Chapter 11

A week later I sit home after work. It’s been hell ever since that day when I was with Tom. He did call but only to have sex so I declined. I wasn’t someone he could use for his own pleasure. I actually started really liking him. I thought he would change but he didn’t. Clara was there for me at least. I had made clear to Tom that if he wanted to see me, it should be for me and not sex. Even if Chrystal knew about our affair, she still stayed with him. I wanted to become friends with her but Clara convinced it wouldn’t work. It was for the better when things turned the way they did.

I get a call from Tom that he needed my help. He convinced me it wasn’t about sex so I agreed. Chrystal did indeed have a mental disorder and it had got out of hand. She was a clean freak and suspected everything. She could hide her anger very well but lately, she had screamed at everything Tom did. I don’t know why I would help him. He gave her a reason to act the way she did. He did cheat on her frequently. I must have been too caring for him and he didn’t even deserve my attention. We meet in his car at a park. He tries to kiss me but I push him away.
“So why do you need my help? I don’t want to get involved with your problems”
“I decided to leave her and she went berserk”
I’m god smacked. Did I hear right?
“So you found someone new already” I’m disappointed
“No, it’s for you. I love you” He puts his right hand on my left knee
I didn’t believe him. It was probably one of his lies. I take his hand away.
“You must be kidding”
“That I love you?”
“That and that you leave your wife”
“Well, it’s true. I’ve really been thinking about this. I thought this would make you happy”
“Some psychiatrist you are. No wonder you couldn’t help my sister. Never think about how someone feels because you can’t know” I look at him a bit upset
“Alright, then I won’t leave her. But it doesn’t change the fact that I love you”
“You only say that to get me into bed. You got your patients to do that with. And that girl. How much sex do you really need?”
“I’ve actually stopped that and the same with the girl. It’s all because of my love for you. Please, Jennah I really mean what I say”
There had to be something fishy about this. I didn’t want to believe anything he said.
“You’re really trying to hurt me on purpose by telling all these lies. You said you didn’t want a relationship”
“I can change my mind, can’t I?”

I hiss at him and look out the window. I can feel him touching my hair but I keep looking out. He kisses my neck.
“I thought one wasn’t enough. Until I met you” He says between kisses “The way you made me feel when we spent the night together”
I push him away and look angry at him.
“So it is the sex you want and not me. I knew it all along. I can’t believe I slept with you. Besides, it wasn’t even that good” I look back outside
“Ouch, that hurt me so much” He’s sarcastic “It didn’t look like that. You wouldn’t have let me take you in different ways if it was bad”
I wanted to hurt his feelings but it seemed he was thick-skinned. It had been unbelievable but I didn’t want to admit that to him. His ego was boosted too much already.
“So why did you call me? To discuss how much you love me?” I look at him
“Problem solved”
“What?” I’m surprised
“Since I won’t leave my wife, there’s nothing to discuss. I take you back to work” He’s about to turn the key in the ignition
“Wait a minute. First, you call me to say you need my help. Then you say you love me and are leaving your wife for me. Now you’re not”
“So you are interested” He smiles
“I didn’t say that. I think you’re a liar and a cheater. Why should I believe anything you say? Be honest. For real this time”
“First of all, thanks for calling me a liar. When it comes to that cheating part. You would too if you lived with a person who questions everything you do. I listen to people’s problems all day. Then I come home and have to listen to the same thing all over again. I need some stress release and sex is. It just happens to be patients. I know it’s wrong but they’re more than willing”
“Oh, Tom I love you so much after that. Not” I roll my eyes and he looks at me confused “Boohoo, your wife doesn’t give what you want so you try to find it with someone else. Why did you even marry her if she’s that much trouble?”
“I don’t where you’re going with this. I did love her but things change. I want you and I don’t only mean sexually”
“What a difference a week makes. You didn’t want a relationship and now you suddenly do. What is the real goal here?”

He sighs. I could see it wasn’t a conversation he wanted to be part of. I’m just trying to figure out what the truth was.
“I see you still don’t trust me. I guess I can’t prove it other than show it” He takes his mobile from his jacket pocket and calls someone “Hi, it’s me. Cancel all of my appointment for today. I won’t come back. Have a nice weekend” He ends the call
I had no idea what he was up to. I tried to ask but he didn’t reply. He starts the engine and drives to the street. He drives at high speed again. Just because he had a fast car, it didn’t mean he could break the law. I realize where we’re heading when I see familiar surroundings. We were going to his house.

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