Analyzing you

Jennah Sibley is a woman in her 20's and she goes to see a psychiatrist, Tom Hiddleston. He's not the way he seemes but she's not honest either.


10. Chapter 10

I wake up in a strange bed. I slowly open my eyes and remember where I am. It was a big bed and the sun was peeking through the curtains. I look on my left side and see it’s empty. I didn’t know what the time was. I look under the sheets and see I’m naked. I didn’t see my clothes anywhere. I wrap the sheet around me and get to the closet beside the bed. There is a woman’s bathrobe so I put it on. It was warm and cosy. It was the right size too. I get to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess. I didn’t like the way I looked in the morning. I didn’t use that much make up but now I really needed it. I keep looking in the mirror. I startle when Tom gets there and puts his arms around me from behind.
“Hi” I say and smile
“Shouldn’t it be good morning? In your case, beautiful” He kisses my right ear
“How did we end up here?” I turn around
“Don’t you remember? We did it downstairs. Upstairs. Even on the stairs. I didn’t even know you wanted me that much” He smiles cheekily
“Speak for yourself” I walk past him and get to the bedroom where he follows me
“It was worth it. I never had so much fun. We should do it again sometime. By the way, your clothes are downstairs. I also made you breakfast. But you better hurry because I have to get to work” He then leaves the room

Some other time? What did he mean by that? I get downstairs. I pick up my clothes and get back up. I would take a quick shower. I didn’t think I would spend the night. Clara must have been worried sick. There was no signal so I couldn’t call. There was no phone anywhere. My purse was downstairs so I get back there. I had a comb and make-up in it. When I’m decent I get to the kitchen where Tom is drinking some juice. He smiles when I get there.
“Sorry, there’s no coffee. I hope you don’t mind”
I sit down at the long wooden table.
“It’s OK. I can drink at work. What’s the time?”
“6 am. Hurry or I’ll be late”
I pour some juice in a class on the table. There is a sandwich on a plate. I didn’t eat that much in the morning anyway so I didn’t need much. He looks at the time and stands up to put the things away.
“Ready?” He looks at me
I eat the sandwich quickly and drink the rest of the juice. He gets to the hall and opens the front door. I get my purse and look if I had everything which I did. I get outside and he locks the door. It had been raining so everything was damp. We get inside the car and drive away. I take my mobile and look for a signal but there’s none yet. It really was a middle of nowhere. We didn’t say anything. He puts the radio on and the news is on. The signal gets back and I see Clara had called many times. Tom is listening to the news so I didn’t disturb him. I read one of Clara’s text messages. She sounded like she was in a panic. I decide to reply and say everything is alright. In a moment I get one back. The mobile was on silent. She had almost called the police but then she went to see his wife. Chrystal hadn’t been worried because she knew the truth about him. I wasn’t going to tell him that I knew now. I look at him. I think about the night we had and it made me smile. He glimpses at me.

“Oh nothing” I touch his ear and then to his neck but he didn’t seem to mind “How is your little, or should I say big friend doing?” I look at his groin
He’s wearing blue jeans and white long-sleeved shirt.
“Not bad but thanks to you, it won’t be the same again” He smiles
“Um, what did you mean by some other time?” I stop touching him “It sounded like we won’t see each other”
“You didn’t really think this was a relationship, did you? It isn’t and it won’t either. Not when I’m still married” He glimpse at me
I had a lump in my throat. Did he just use me like Clara had warned?
“So this didn’t mean anything?” I would be brave and not start sobbing
“Of course it did. What I meant was that I can’t be more to you than an occasional affair. I’m sorry if you thought something else”
“You know, you can be so cruel sometimes. Don’t you have any feelings at all” I say upset and a tear appears on my cheek

We were getting closer to the city so he slows down. It was getting more traffic so we had to drive in a queue. He looks at the time on the radio. He was getting agitated with the traffic so he honks at other cars. He didn’t say anything about what I said. I wait for him to cool down.
“We should have left earlier. Thanks to your slowness, we get stuck in this damn traffic. For your sake, I hope I’m not gonna be late” He looks quickly upset at me
It wasn’t my fault. Why did we have to go so far? I dry my tear. He wasn’t worth crying over. The traffic lets up and he calms down. He looks at me.
“I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to be upset at you”
“Road rage much?” I say without a smile
“I guess that my other bad side”
It was too late for him to apologize. He hurt my feelings and that would be the last time.
“You know Tom, you really are an ass. And I let you do things to me” I’m so angry so I look out the window
“Well, what did you expect? I sleep with my patients for crying out loud”
“You still gonna do that?” I look at him
I shake my head. I should have known he just tried to be nice. I regretted it now that I slept with him. He leaves me in front of the store. He promises to call but I wouldn’t believe that. It’s 8.30 am but Clara was already there. I would tell her everything that had happened.

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