A Different Outcome

Some old habits are hard to get rid of


5. Trying

Virgil's POV

I wanted to go to that room, but last time that happened it didn't go well. Why would Roman lie to me? I looked at the note that was on my nightstand. Maybe. Just maybe. Roman was trying to make it up to me. I'm not really doing anything to help either. I sighed. Patton might know what to do.

I decided it would to me some good to talk to the emotional persona. I got up walked out of my room. Not seeing anyone else I made my way to his room.

"Patton?" I knocked on the door.

"Come in, Kiddo," Patton responded. I opened the door and walked inside. "What's bothering you?"

"I'm confused," I admitted.

"About what?"

"Everything. Mostly Roman," Patton waited for me to continue. "I think he's trying to make it right to me. I mean he said he was going to, but then he lied to me earlier and it makes it seem like he doesn't really care."

"Maybe he's trying to hard," I looked at the fatherly persona.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean is that he's crushing on you,"

"Pfft, why would he do that," I could feel my face heating up.

"He cares for you Virge. He's the one that planned the movie night and he's been getting Logan to help him come up with an idea that will work to impress you." Patton smiled sheepishly. "Did I say too much? I'm never good at keeping secrets."

"It's...it's fine...I'm just...It's just that...I don't know," I couldn't think of what to say.

"Just try to be patient with him, okay?" Patton told me. I nodded.

I walked back into my room and laid down trying to get some sleep. The things Patton told me kept coming into my head. I must admit Roman's persistence is a bit over the top, but when is Princey not being extra. It's his nature.

After debating in my head for awhile I decided to try. Try to give Roman a change. Try not to jump to conclusions and try not to think too negatively. With that I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Roman's POV

After checking briefly that Virgil didn't venture into that room again Logan and I went to his room. He agreed to help me with brainstorming. I have decided that his help was critical with coming up with the perfect plan that will actually work.

"You need to start small," Logan stated.

"You think what I did wasn't small?" He shook his head.

"Tell me your next plan and I will determine if what you state is logical enough to work."

"So what about a big banner? Decorations?" I sighed.

"I said small, minuscule," Logan pulled out a flash card. "itty-bitty, something that's not so-" Logan got interrupted by a knock on the door. "Come in,"

Patton opened the door. "What's going on kiddos?"

"I am out of ideas. Me. Creativity. The soul of ideas. Completely gone,"

"Well, what if you started by making him something simple. Maybe a card or sending him some flowers with a small note."

"Patton!" My eyes light up. "That's perfect." I conjured a bouquet of flowers. "He'll love it!"

"Why not just one?" I stopped and looked at Patton. "That way you are not giving too much and Virgil can tell that you are trying to make it right. I bet he'll love it more than a bunch of flowers."

Logan nodded. "Patton is indeed correct. A single red rose can single that you are focused solely on Virgil and only him and it states that the love is unchanging and does not wither away."

"Alright." I snapped my fingers and the bouquet of flowers turned into a single red rose.

Leaving Logan's room I walked towards Virgil's. Standing in front of the door I quickly scribbled a note and left both the rose and the note in front of the door.


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