A Different Outcome

Some old habits are hard to get rid of


2. Surprises

Virgil's POV

I woke up and found myself laying down on my bed. Roman was nowhere to be seen. Was that just a dream? I sat up and looked around. It wasn't a dream. I remember it happening. I thought about what Roman told me. He said he was sorry about everything. But was he? What is he going to do to 'make it up' to me.

I jumped a little when I heard a knock on my door. "Hey kiddo, do you care if I come in?" Patton asked. I shook my head, then realized he couldn't see me.

"No, I don't mind," I replied. He opened the door and had a big smiled on his face.

"I see you are awake," He said sitting on my bed next to me.

"Ya and?" I looked at him. His smiled only grew bigger and he looked back at me. "Patton, what are you up to?" He shrugged and hugged me. My body went stiff from the sudden contact.

"You'll see," He whispered in my ear. He stopped hugging me and walked out the door. What was that about? "Just don't come out until ten minutes." He smiled then closed the door. Now I'm really confused. Should I go out? Or wait like he said.
I debated with myself for a minute before deciding to go find Patton and see what he was talking about.

Logan's POV

I can't believe I agreed to this. Patton was all up for it. Of course as soon as Roman came out of Virgil's room he said he had a plan. The plan was very dramatic and how do I say this...out there. But what else do I expect from Roman?

"He's awake, I told him what you told me too." Patton came into the commons. When Roman told us his plan Patton volunteered to keep watch and tell us when Virgil woke up.

"Okay, remember everyone places. This has to be perfect." Roman explained.

"All this to get to Virgil's room and put-" Roman cut me off.

"Yes, you pocket protector," Roman smiled. "He has to know that I'm serious about what I said." I sighed. Roman went into the kitchen, Patton sank down, and I stood in hallway. If Virgil does exactly as Roman predicts, he should ask where Patton is. Seeing Virgil's bedroom door open I started walking down the hall, pretending that I am heading to my room. Well, here goes nothing.

"Logan, have you seen Patton?" Virgil asked. Roman was right about that at least.

"He's helping Thomas I believe," I replied and continued walking, getting to my room I went in. That's over.

Patton's POV

I sank down. I don't know if Thomas knows what we are doing. But Roman says I can't tell anyone.

"Hey, Patton. What are you doing here?" Thomas asked as soon as he saw me. "If everything alright." I nodded.

"Hey kiddo, I was just wondering if we can hang out for a bit, you know have some fun." came my reply. "Plus I know about the leftover pizza." Thomas chuckled.

"Alright then, Go ahead and have some," Giving a small cheer I walked in the kitchen.

"Have you seen Patton," I heard Virgil almost as soon as I went into the kitchen.

"He's in the kitchen," Thomas replied. I got some pizza out of the refrigerator and put some on a plate.

"Patton what's going on?" I heard Virgil behind me.

"Hey kiddo, do you want some pizza? I'm warming some up for me and I can warm some up for you too, if you want." I avoided the question. Not that I didn't want to answer it, it's just; what would I say? Oh, Roman told me to say that so he could get you out of your room. I chuckled at my own thoughts.

"What's funny?" Virge asked hearing my giggle. I shrugged like a normally do.

"Do you want some?" I asked, I put some extra pizza on the plate anyway. If he doesn't want to eat it then I will.

Roman's POV

So far everything is going as planned. Virgil got curious, asked for Patton, Logan told him Patton's with Thomas, and Virgil went to find Patton.

"Here goes nothing," I mumbled walking into Virgil's room with the paper in hand. Well it was more of like an invite, but it was on a paper. I put it somewhere he would see it, but not until later. Carefully closing the door again I sank down to get Patton and Virgil.

I'm so excited!! A sequel...but one important question

Should I make this PRINXIETY??!
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