A Different Outcome

Some old habits are hard to get rid of


3. Plans

Virgil's POV

I went and found Patton.

"Patton what's going on?" I asked him. He turned around.

"Hey kiddo, do you want some pizza? I'm warming some up for me and I can warm some up for you too, if you want." He asked instead. Was he avoiding my question? Why? Then I heard him giggle. Why would he be laughing?

"What's funny?"I asked. The only response I got was a shrug.

"Do you want some?" He asked again. He put another piece on the plate, despite me not answering.

"I'm going to go back to being alone then," I mumbled. Patton looked at me after putting the pizza in the microwave.

"What was that kiddo," He asked turning to face me.

"I'm going to my room." I told him. He slightly pouted, but then turned back to the microwave once it went off.

I sank down and saw Logan and Roman mumbling about something.

"Oh, hey Virgil," Roman said, once he saw me. I raised my eyebrow.

"Alright, what did you do?" I asked. They both looked at each other for a brief moment.

"What makes you say that?" Came Roman's response. I rolled my eyes.

"It is easy to tell when you are hiding something, Sir Sig-a-lot." I retorted.

Roman sighed. "Fine, I'll tell you," He paused, most likely for what he calls 'dramatic effect' "me and Logan-" Logan cleared his throat.

"What?" The overly dramatic prince looked at the nerd.

"The correct term would be Logan and I," Logan stated calmly.

Roman rolled his eyes, "Fine, Logan and I were planning a movie night for Patton."

"Don't bother asking me to come. I don't want to come." I mumbled. Roman nodded his head then turned to Logan again.

"So as I was saying," I walked away and headed to my room. When I got to my doorknob I stopped. Something felt off. Different.

I cautiously opened my bedroom door and looked in. Everything seemed to be in place. Then why did it feel off. It must be in my head.

I got my headphones and laid on my bed. I heard something crumble underneath my weight.

What is this? I stood up and picked up my pillow. Nothing was underneath. I heard the crumpling sound again. Who would put a piece of paper in my pillowcase.

"Prepare yourself, for I have a plan and I plan to carry it out over time." I mumbled what the note stated. My first instinct told me that this was Roman, but by the look of the art and the pun it made me think of Patton. I knew for a fact that it wasn't Logan. He wasn't one to do these types of things. I tried to put the paper on the nightstand, but managed to drop it. As I went to pick it up I noticed writing on the back.

'When you read this please accept this invitation to come to movie night with us. You will be staring as our special guest. If you don't accept the invite then put this paper outside your door. If you do then meet us in Thomas' living room at 7:30pm. Thank you.'

This sounds likes something Patton would do, but also Roman. I was confused.

Should I go or stay in my room?

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