A Different Outcome

Some old habits are hard to get rid of


6. A Kiss


Virgil's POV

"Breakfast time kiddo," Patton was gently knocking on my door. I told Patton last night I would try to make an effort. In order to do that I would have to go out there and interact.

Sighing I quickly got ready for the day and opened the door. Something red caught my eye and I looked down. A red rose was laying on the floor.

I picked it up so I wouldn't step on it. A note was taped to the stem.

'Dear Virgil,

I'm sorry about last night. I didn't realize how much my actions upset you. I hope you take this rose as a sign that I want to make it right and I will continue to do so.



I smelled the rose and smiled. Patton was right. Roman is trying. I need to try harder. Setting the rose on my nightstand I turned and went to eat.

Walking in the room I could tell Roman was nervous he was being extra like usual, but when I walked in he slowly stopped. Patton smiled and waved, beckoning me to sit up to the table, which I did.

"I liked the rose Roman," I looked over to the fanciful persona. His face lit up.

"Thank you Virgil, I hope this means you'll accept my apology," I nodded as Patton set a plate of food in front of me.


It's been an okay day. Patton had to go help Thomas with something and Logan said he had research that desperately needed done. That left Roman and I in the commons together.

"I have this for you," Roman moved his hands out behind his back. He handed me the purple rose. "It stands for enchantment and love at first sight."

"I...thank you," I took the rose from his hand.

"I realize that I'm extra and can be...over the top and I know we don't always see eye-to-eye, but I enjoy working together," Roman started blushing. "I don't know why I'm struggling to say this but...I would love to be with you...in a more romantic sense."

Patton was right. I couldn't help but smile. This prince that somewhere along the journey stole my heart.

"I...I would like that," I whispered. "I know we don't always get along, but I can see that you are trying and I'm trying and we can work together and-" I stopped mumbling when I looked into Roman's eyes.

I hid my hands behind my back and conjured a rose. "I...I have something for you,"

Roman smiled. "What is it?" I showed him the pink rose.

"Because... you are my happiness and I...I didn't realize my feelings for you until now and I'm still-"

"Can I kiss you?" Roman interrupted me. I nodded my head.

As soon as our lips met I felt...well there's no words to describe it. It was perfect.

We still have a lot of things to work on and we will still have arguments, but as long as we are both trying things will get better.


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