My Crush Adventures.

Hello lovely people.
First of all,this isn't any kind of fan fiction.

I'm gonna describe my crush and everything between us.

His name is Adi,15 on the November 2nd.
Kinda blonde,kinda brunette.
Dark blue ocean eyes,glasses.
Same as Niall Horan.

We went to basketball training together.
I started crushing on him on 19th November 2016.(1911)

Today is 10th of October 17.(1010)

326 days of being in love.

So,I never got the courage to walk up to him,talk to him nor do anything by myself.

That's why my friends helped me,and now we're close to being a couple.

To find out what happened between us through this time,read my crush adventures.


3. the trip.

13-10-17 (Friday 13th)

Today,my class and I were going on a small trip.We were going to Hutovo Blato (that's some kind of a lake,you know where the crocodiles are) and 7th,8th,and 9th grades were going.Adi is in 9th grade but he,unfortunately,wasn't going.I had lots of fun being there.Mostly in the bus and on the playground.I mean,I know I'm not a kid anymore but we hadn't anything else to do.I also got really close to Eldin even though we already were close.We fought too much,and when he was about to hit me,he stopped and said "I don't want Adi to kill me" cause like Adi and him are kind of best friends.And Eldin hooked me up with Adi.And met me with him.

So,I was always telling him when his crush Lamija was around him.And he always blushed,aw.

So after a long trip,we came home and when we got out all I could think of is that Adi is here.He fucking was there.

And he shook hands with Eldin and Eldin said "go say hi to her you ass" and Adi just said hi and I didn't say anything cause he didn't shake my hand plus he wouldn't of heard me cause the bus was passing by us.

And when it passed there were only Eldin Adin Adi and I on the other side.

Eldin said "dude just greet her properly"

And Adi kinda hugged Adin from behind and said "hey how are you" while shaking my hand."um tired a bit haha" he just smiled and Eldin,Faris,Abdullah,Emir and I left.

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