My Crush Adventures.

Hello lovely people.
First of all,this isn't any kind of fan fiction.

I'm gonna describe my crush and everything between us.

His name is Adi,15 on the November 2nd.
Kinda blonde,kinda brunette.
Dark blue ocean eyes,glasses.
Same as Niall Horan.

We went to basketball training together.
I started crushing on him on 19th November 2016.(1911)

Today is 10th of October 17.(1010)

326 days of being in love.

So,I never got the courage to walk up to him,talk to him nor do anything by myself.

That's why my friends helped me,and now we're close to being a couple.

To find out what happened between us through this time,read my crush adventures.


6. new last name.

Hey guys,I haven't posted in a while.The reason is,nothing really rare happened.

We still aren't together😩

But in between those days since I last posted and today,there kinda happened some things.


The day after we 'met' Emela my best friend was walking home with Adi and her boyfriend Alem.And they were behind me.

But not near me,I couldn't hear them.

So when she said goodbye to Adi and Alem she came towards me while squealing and jumping.


"Listen,oh my god"

"Tell mee yoo"

"So Alem and I were joking and Adi said that we're made for each other.And then he joked about being in bed with me.And I said 'instead of being in bed with me,go to bed with Almedina' and he said 'I will mhmmm' and I,again,said 'you gotta go with Almedina in bed,you two are a perfect couple' and he fucking said 'I will go of course,we're gonna have sex don't worry' Almedinaaaa oh my godddd!"

"What. The. Actual. Fuck. Bitch."


Today,we had some exam from German and I was sitting with Eldin and our teacher told me to move to the other side of the classroom,in the back.So I sat,and this classroom is officially called 'art classroom' and there were a lot of projects and thing hung on the walls.I am in love with art so I,of course,had like a huge paper about nadrealism.It was right behind me and when I was done working on my exam and when I gave it to my teacher I turned around to look at it.And at the end I wrote 'Made by:Almedina Korjenić' but I didn't look at that this time.

So I turned around and Ajla was in front of me and after a while she was looking behind me with a shocked face.She was freaking out and then she pointed at the corner of that paper that I had made.

And I looked at it and read Made by:Almedina Korjenić (Džanović)

Adi'a last name is Džanović.

Someone wrote it next to my name.

I'm going to die.

I gasped so much and was shocked a lot.

Then Eldin and Džejna looked at it and gasped too.

And everyone who saw that said "Adi wrote that 100%"

I'm not sure if he wrote that but it might be cause I,once,saw his hand writing and it's similar to this so I don't know.

Anyways,I'm gonna update you guys if something happens.

Bye for now,ly!

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