My Crush Adventures.

Hello lovely people.
First of all,this isn't any kind of fan fiction.

I'm gonna describe my crush and everything between us.

His name is Adi,15 on the November 2nd.
Kinda blonde,kinda brunette.
Dark blue ocean eyes,glasses.
Same as Niall Horan.

We went to basketball training together.
I started crushing on him on 19th November 2016.(1911)

Today is 10th of October 17.(1010)

326 days of being in love.

So,I never got the courage to walk up to him,talk to him nor do anything by myself.

That's why my friends helped me,and now we're close to being a couple.

To find out what happened between us through this time,read my crush adventures.


4. new acc.

•Emela-my ex bestie and so called friend.

•Ajla-my best friend for life/only real friend



Today I got A and B in Maths and A in English.I thought I was going to get a lower grade,but I didn't.So today was a,pretty much good day.

When I first came to school Emela ran towards me while yelling that she loves my new jacket and then she hugged me.

Then I went to stand with Emela and Esma.

They are my other class mates which I go to the lunch breaks together,we were best friends until they betrayed me.

When the bell rang which was a sign for us to stand in rows,I saw Adi.

HE HAD A HAIRCUT and at the same time-

I love it,I hate it and I can't take it!

I mean,it looked so good on him,but at the same time he was different a bit.

But,I still love him the way he is haha.

So I was standing beside my friend Nejla and he was behind her while I was in front of her,besides I could see him.

So we were laughing about something and I,while laughing,looked at him.And he was already looking at me.So,we made eye contact.


So,when the lunch break begun.Eldin came towards me and asked me if I had 50 cents and I told him to take 1 dollar and gave him 5 dollars.

And then I went to some pizzeria with Emela.

When I came back Eldin gave me my money and Adi was looking at me,again.

Today,when I came home,I made a profile where amma post just random photos of mine and that account is private.

So I posted a story on my real account (ludazairskom) saying "follow my new acc @volimglupana NOT ACCEPTING EVERYONE,only those that I trust and love."

So,he fucking sent me a follow request after 5 seconds.And I,of course,accepted it and followed him too.

I have like,idk,15 followers while I'm following 4-Ajla,Vanja,myself and ADI.

So,that's all for today I guess.

Bye guys,I love you all so much thanks for reading!!


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