My Crush Adventures.

Hello lovely people.
First of all,this isn't any kind of fan fiction.

I'm gonna describe my crush and everything between us.

His name is Adi,15 on the November 2nd.
Kinda blonde,kinda brunette.
Dark blue ocean eyes,glasses.
Same as Niall Horan.

We went to basketball training together.
I started crushing on him on 19th November 2016.(1911)

Today is 10th of October 17.(1010)

326 days of being in love.

So,I never got the courage to walk up to him,talk to him nor do anything by myself.

That's why my friends helped me,and now we're close to being a couple.

To find out what happened between us through this time,read my crush adventures.


1. first "date".


•Adi-my crush

•Džejna-my so called best friend

•Maid-our friend

•Adin-Adi's neighbor and friend

•Adna and Azra-Džejna's and mine classmates

And those are the characters.

Today is the 9th of October 2k17.

I think this was the best day of my life.

My friends(Ajla,Eldin,Džejna) and I were always planning to go out with my crush,just to hang out.But our plans always got ruined just because someone couldn't come.

Today,Eldin,Džejna and I were planning to go out.Then Džejna texted me asking if we could call Adi if he wants to come while I was video chatting with Eldin.

Džejna said that Adi told her that he finishes with his basketball training at half past six o'clock.Eldin,unfortunately couldn't come cause his grandma told him not to.

So,I thought about it and it was a huge opportunity to be with Adi.

Then I texted Džejna and told her I'm on my way.

We met each other in the middle of the way and hugged.We were both squealing cause we were so fucking excited.

She was 'singing' ADI ADII DIII DII DI the whole time.

Then she told me about her crush-boyfriend-exboyfriend Ajdin and we both realized that he's such an asshole.

We came to the school and walked behind it.

Cause there was a door where you could go in the sports gym.

So we were waiting there while chatting and joking a bit.

We were bored so we went in front of the school and sat on the stairs (it was only 2 of them) and we were taking pictures of the sky and she was complaining about my camera being better than hers.

I heard a bike.I immediately looked at her frightened.

Then I heard it getting closer and closer to us.

The I looked up and saw Adi coming towards us.He then stood in front of us with his bike and shook our hands with a couple of hello's.

He was like 1 meter away from Džejna and I.

Then this boy called Maid came and stood beside Adi.

The four of us had lots of fucking fun.We were laughing and joking like crazy.

Dž:"Adi,I found you a girlfriend"

Then he looked at me and smiled.

Ad:"I see"

I looked at both of them and smiled.

Ma:"I'm sure she's ugly" he joked.

But Adi didn't take that as a joke.

Ad:"Who are you calling ugly you asshole?! I'm gonna throw this bike at you."

Maid said something,which I forgot what.

Then Adi took his bike and almost threw it at Maid,the bike touched him but didn't hit him.

I mean,he's so fucking strong.Who the fuck can lift a freaking bike that easily?!!

Then we were talking about Prljača.

She's in 9-2.No one in this school likes her cause she just pretends to be something she isn' yas.

We were "talking" about her.In a mean way,of course.

"She goes to Ilidža just to show people she has an iPhone 7" Maid said.

Then Adi replied.

"I go to Ilidža to throw my phone" then he threw his phone hard on the floor.Džejna squealed,wtf?

We laughed hahahahahahahhahahaha.

So Maid continued with his jokes about Lamija.


Then he touched his shoe and said.

"Yeah she does that just because she wants people to see her new shoes" then we died with laughter.

Then Adi did something that broke my heart.

"Guys,since we're talking about legs I want to show you my bruise haha" he was still happy.

Then he rolled up his pants on his right leg and I almost fainted,I was so sad my baby doesn't deserve to be in any kind of pain.

His leg was bruised so much.

Then,we continued to laugh and joke till his friend Adin came.He whispered something to Adi ABOUT ME cause I heard him saying my name (Almedina) and Adi looked up at me,smiled and said "I hope we will I don't know"

Then after a while Adin said "I'm going to call the others to come" then Džejna suddenly jumped and said she's going home cause Adin wanted to call his friends that smoke and we hate them.

So we got out of the school's garden and waited for Adi.


"I WOULD IF I COULD ESCAPE FROM THIS BEAAAST" Adi yelled while Adin was holding him and telling him not to go.

Then he escaped and came toward us,we saw two fat figures coming our way.

...Adna and Azra.They were mine classmates.They came and we greeted.

After a while Adna,Azra,Džejna,Adi and I were going home.While walking slowly we had lots of fun,we were joking yelling laughing and other.

When we reached Adi's house I thought we were going to say bye to him.

But no he said he will come with us.

We then reached that shop called Zembis and we all went in except Adi.

I,again,thought he went home.

But no,we went out to wait for Džejna and he was there waiting for us,MY BABY.

Then when we all got out Adna and Azra stayed there.

Džejna,Adi and I started walking home.

She was in between us.I was on the left.

Then she tried to walk in front of us just so Adi could walk beside me.So,I couldn't do anything so I just walked beside him.

We were walking so close,like really.

Then we came into Džejna's street and I thought we were going to say bye to Adi and everyone will go different ways.

So she shook Adi's hand and hugged me.I was super confused.

But the she yelled "BYEE ADI AND ALMEDINA"

And then it hit me,we were going home together.

Then Adi and I started walking,um he walked with his bike.

Then we,again,saw Adna and Azra.We greeted and passed them.

Then we were completely alone,for the first time.YAS.

It was kinda awkward,but okay.

"So what's up"he asked.

"Nothing much haha"

Then I asked.

"Does Burina go to basketball?"

"Uh um no,he doesn't.He goes to folklor and music school so he doesn't have time for it"


"But why don't you go to bas-"

"Is Armin still the coach?"

"umm no,he isn't"

Then he continued.

"But yeah I would love it if you could come back to basketball,it'd be amazing really"

He fucking had a puppy face.

"Umm uh well I'll see what I can do with Emela"

"Okay byee see ya"

"bye Adii"

We shook hands with huge smiles on our faces.

*screenshoted 19:06 h*

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