My Crush Adventures.

Hello lovely people.
First of all,this isn't any kind of fan fiction.

I'm gonna describe my crush and everything between us.

His name is Adi,15 on the November 2nd.
Kinda blonde,kinda brunette.
Dark blue ocean eyes,glasses.
Same as Niall Horan.

We went to basketball training together.
I started crushing on him on 19th November 2016.(1911)

Today is 10th of October 17.(1010)

326 days of being in love.

So,I never got the courage to walk up to him,talk to him nor do anything by myself.

That's why my friends helped me,and now we're close to being a couple.

To find out what happened between us through this time,read my crush adventures.


2. another school day.


•Eldin-my guy best friend.

There weren't lots of things that happened today.

When it was the lunch break I went to walk around the school with my friends.

When we were behind the school I saw that Adi was with my best friend Eldin.

So,when I was passing them Eldin pushed Adi into me but *whyyy* Adi stopped right in time when he would of touched me.

"YOU ASSHOLE IM GOING TO KILL YOU" Adi yelled at Eldin and pushed him into every girl they passed.

And when I was walking home with my friend,she turned around and Adi was staring at me 24/7.

My little cute sweet baby.

And that's it for today.Bye guys x

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