The Hulk

Bruce Banner is a scientist at the top of his profession when he is approached by the US Military to work with them on recreating the Super Soldier serum that created Captain America in World War II.

He agrees, but things went wrong on the day of a test run and Banner was subjected to what should have been a lethal dose of Gamma Radiation, but he survived only to turn into something more than Human.

Bruce runs as the Military led by his friend General Ross pursue him. He just needs time to find out what caused his transformation, what triggers it and if he can ever return to being a normal man and reclaim his life.


1. A Point to Prove

It was complicated, but he had to give it a go, although why Betty couldn't do it after all she is the public relations person for the project.


It should be her explaining to her father General Ross and the other military big wigs its intended benefits.


The Gamma bomb, not the name he would've chosen but still not as terrifying as it sounds.


Not a weapon as these career Army guys would understand it.


"The Gamma bomb."


"Ugh," Bruce said as he exhaled then said, "hate the name," to himself.


The GB will, will Bruce licked his lips and tried to clear his throat even though it wasn't dry.


He was just working himself up over nothing thinking like he was back in college or high school as a guest lecturer at the University or any other place he'd had to talk to a crowd or relatively large gathering of people.


Get a grip Banner they're just guys. Albeit guys whose words could see his project funded from now and well into the twenty-first century.


If those guys General Ross, Talbot and the other one, whatever his name is. If they see the potential, if they agree to him conducting a field test somewhere safe some, military proving ground.


He was sure a demonstration would either prove him right or condemn him to endless ridicule.


If he is right then maybe he will finally get respect, not just from the respect of these career military men he will earn the respect from the members of the scientific community all those inventors.


Men like Howard Stark who claimed the moral high ground against him working for the military willing to take their money. Only to have his company become one of the largest defense contractors in the US.


Why was he worried about Stark, Howard was dead and it didn't matter what his company manufactured or sold he could never nor would he want to compete with them.


The Gamma; Bruce hesitated at thinking it let alone saying the word bomb. Whatever he referred to it as this was a one time deal. Create something unquestionably destructive for the Army in order to take his gamma radiation research in the other direction and find ways to save lives.


He believed with all his heart gamma radiation could help unlock the secrets to the genetics of mankind once he found the correct formula he and the team he would have to recruit could find the cure to all known diseases.

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