Happily Ever After

Hazel is a 17 year old girl she is one of those girls that everyone would refer as snobby rich and a bull but only Hazel's Best Firends James and Maddison know her true story her mother and father are divorced Hazel's Father abuses her so she is moving to Hawaii to live with her mother little does she know that her love of her life lives in Hawaii Ashton Carter.


4. The new school




I groaned as I sat up I was still tired and wanted to sleep but I had to get up anyways for my first day of school. Normally I would be excited but I was the new girl coming to a new school in the middle on the 2nd semester. I quickly go my shower and got dressed I was wearing a black and white adidas crop too with dark blue ripped skinny jeans and black and white adidas shoes. I grabbed my backpack and car keys and headed down to the kitchen. 

"Hey Hazel are you ready for your first day of school?" Mom questioned. "I'm not really sure." "It'll be ok I'm sure you'll make lots of friends. "Ok mom." I'm giggled "well I better get going don't wanna be late bye." I grabbed an apple and headed towards the door. I got into my red mustang get and headed towards the school. As I pulled into the parking lot I quickly found a space and parked the went inside.

"Hey you must be the new girl." Questions a girl about my size with brown hair a little past her shoulders. "Ya I'm am nice to meet you I'm Hazel." "Hi Hazel I'm Emmalyn but you can call me Emma." Emma informed me. "Well nice to meet you Emma." "You to well I'm here as your tour guide throughout the day and if you have any questions feel free to ask." Emma stated." Ok thanks Emma" "No problem so what's your first class?" Emma questioned. " I have Band" I replied."No way so do I let's go!" "Wait! I need to go to my locker first." I said "Oh right I forgot about that lets go.

After we went to my locker we went to band I play the flute and Emma plays the French horn. After that I went to health, pe, social, math and know I'm heading to lunch. I got in the line and go a Salad and an apple. As I got to the cafeteria Emmed yelled at me to come sit with her at her table. "Hazel I'd like you to meet Brooklyn,April,Sofia,Alex,Zach and imax. "Hey" they all replied."Hi" I said back. We all eat and talked they all are nice Brooklyn is a sweet girl she has blond hair past her shoulders and she's small but not extremely small. April has long curly red hair with a few freckles on her face and she has blue eyes. Sofia has long hair in an brown to blond ombré. Alex has black hair and blue eyes, Zack has blond hair and green eyes, Max has brown hair and brown eyes.

After school was over I drove home go a snack and went upstairs to do my homework for math. When I finished i went down stairs to find my mom watching one of her tv shows. 

"Dinner just finished if you want to eat." Mom said. "Ok thanks mom.""Hey how was your first day of school?" She questioned. "It was good why?" "I just wanted to check you go eat." I had eaten my dinner and went upstairs and decided to go for a jog. I put on galaxy legging and crop too and put my hair in a ponytail and left.

Concerning I don't know this city very well I decided to jog threw the woods. The woods are very peaceful you can hear all the animals around you. I slowed down as I approached a clearing and realized it was a pond I decided to take a break here for a little to catch my breath. It was about 10 minuets and I started hearing noises coming closer and closer so I decided to go home I didn't get very far until a huge black wolf jumped in front of me. I screamed as loud as I could until everything started spinning and going black and the last thing I saw was a young man.


*The first few chapters and boring but they will get better later promise if you have any ideas for the story let me know in the comments*

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