Happily Ever After

Hazel is a 17 year old girl she is one of those girls that everyone would refer as snobby rich and a bull but only Hazel's Best Firends James and Maddison know her true story her mother and father are divorced Hazel's Father abuses her so she is moving to Hawaii to live with her mother little does she know that her love of her life lives in Hawaii Ashton Carter.


2. My Last day of school



I groaned as I turned off my alarm clock today was my last day of school I was sad and happy at the same time. I dragged myself over to the bathroom to get a shower. As I turned of the water the heated sensation hit my body and I was relaxed I washed my hair and body and put conditioner in my hair and dried myself of I put on light blue ripped skinny jeans and a white crop top with a pineapple in the right corner and my white sandles I brushed my long straight brunette hair, applied a little bit of makeup grabbed my backpack and phone and headed down stairs.

   I decided to go to the kitchen to make myself and my father some pancakes I made some blueberry pancakes. I set the table and my dad walked into the kitchen not very happy.

"Hazel! I told you to do the dishes last night why didn't you do them?!" My dad yelled in anger. "I'm sorry dad I had so much homework to get done and I.." Before I could even finish my dad slapped me clean across to face."Net time I tell you to do something you better do it!"He snapped at me. I got up grabbed the keys and went to my car to head to school.

I dragged myself threw the school right now I was heading to my locker before I go to lunch I grabbed my next books for my class after I have lunch


I decided to get a salad and a apple and milk and walked over to my pouting group of friends.

"We're gunna miss you so much Haz" Maddison pouted "I'll miss you to." I replied to her."You'll call us every night right?" James questioned."Shure." I giggled. To be honest I'm really going to miss them and my dad I grew up here for as long as I can rember and now I was leaving. 


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