Happily Ever After

Hazel is a 17 year old girl she is one of those girls that everyone would refer as snobby rich and a bull but only Hazel's Best Firends James and Maddison know her true story her mother and father are divorced Hazel's Father abuses her so she is moving to Hawaii to live with her mother little does she know that her love of her life lives in Hawaii Ashton Carter.


3. A New Start


 "Hey wake up please" Said the flight attendant. I looked at her to show I was awake. "Please buckle up we're getting ready to land" She informed me. I buckled in so I was ready for landing. The thing I hate the most about flying is when your ears pop its the worst. After we landed safely I unbuckled grabbed my luggage and thanked the pilots and flight attendants for a good flight. When I got in my mom fought my attention right away I ran to her and gave her a hug. 

"Mom! I missed you to much!" I cried tears of joy. "I missed you to sweetie" my mom stated. We hugged each other of what felt like forever. "Well we better get going home come on." She said.

The hot air smacked me in the face this was nothing like Minnesota it's so warm here.

"Wow.." I said surprised. "It's beautiful here isn't it."she stated. "It is mom I love it."I stated.

"Come on let go sweetie." I followed my mom to a Burn orange Hyundai Tiburon. I took us about 30 minutes to get to the house.

"Omg!" I yelled totally surprised  "I take it you like it?" My mom giggled. "Like it I love it!" "We'll get inside then I'll show you your room." She stated. The house was a beautiful mansion the outside walls where a cream color and it looked like it had maybe 6 floors. It had a huge pool and quite a bit of flower 

When we walked in I was dumbstruck I was beautiful like a castle it has a magnificent

amount of space and in almost every room there was a chandelier. My room was on the third floor it was so beautiful the walls and bed where rose gold but the bed had a hint of white and I had a huge walk in colset and a huge bathroom I truly felt like a princess.


"Do you like it?" My mother questioned. "I love it it's so beautiful." I stated truly. "Well I'm glad you do, I have to get going sorry I couldn't stay to help you settle in, if you need anything there are a few maids around to help you." My mom explained. "It's alright you better go don't wanna be late." "I love you." "I love you to." 

When mom left I went into my closet and I unpacked my clothes into the alreaghty full closet with clothes and shoes my mom probably got me. After I finished with that I went over to my bed and ran my hand across the bed the blankets where silk. I wondered who she could afford all this then I remberd she's a fashion designer. I decided to get a shower I grabbed one of the cotton towels to went into the bathroom turned on the water to a hot temp that my body could stand. I put the the soap and conditioner in my hair and rinsed  it out and washed my body and shaved, I turned of the water and wrapped the towel around myself and went to my closet to look for pjs and found black sweatpants and a light blue tank top. I brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun. I looked at the clock and it was 8:34. I might as well go look for the kitchen. It look my about 20 minutes to find the kitchen I decided to make mac and cheese so that look about another 10 minutes after I was finished eating it was 9:04 I walked up to my room and decided to go to bed it was one long day.




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