Savage Sky



1. Prologue

An old tale tells of three sisters who where in sink with the sky. Sunety , the eldest, represented the sun and all its glory. Sunety would spread her joy and light to everyone she met. She always tries to see the beauty in the world with her strong of mind and pure of heart.
Luna, the middle child who represented the moon, shed her light throughout the darkness of the night, showing the path of beauty even in the darkest of situations. She created fireflies, crickets, comets, and stars all to fill the void of the night with something hopeful. Luna was intelligent, beautiful, and loved filling the void of the darkest nights. In speaking of darkness that would bring us to Eclisa the youngest of the three.
 Eclisa wasn't anything alike her two older sisters, representing the eclipse, she had a pitch black heart. Instead of seeing the beauty in the world se only saw sin. Through her hatred for the world, she would spread fears and posses the kind and generous. On the eclipse she would be strongest and continue her path of havoc. But once the sky wars ended she vanished, no one has seen her since.So congrats! You've opened the book with family drama. 


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