Savage Sky



2. chapter one

Luna hustled down one of her Kingdom Halls, giving orders to her many soldiers who accompanied her. “I want all of my citizens evacuated from the kingdom!” She ordered as three of her soldiers took off in the other direction. “Line up the guards into three sections aligning three walls!” “Yes ma’am.” One soldier obeyed. “Prepare my armor and weapons, as I send out a message to my sister.” Luna said finally. The rest of the guards took off in different directions. 
As Luna approached her throne room, an elf scurried to her side. The tiny elf presented herself followed by, “Your majesty! I am called Tatiana of the southern elf tribe. I have come to tell you that your enemy is none that you have been facing in the past 17 years.” Tatiana was interrupted by the loud creaking of the throne room door. “Go on.” Luna told the elf. “Well you probably already know that the southern elf tribe is one of the most targeted places because of our treasure.” Luna nodded as a servant handed her iron armor fitted with diamonds that were located on the weak spots of the armor.
“Well lately we believe we have been approached by a new threat. Something stronger than we have seen in a long while.” Luna put on her armor and equipped her sword as she continued to listen. “We believe it might be a forecaster.” 
For those who don't know what a forecaster is, it is a demon like being who hides in the shadows of ones fears trapping their victim in hallucinations while in the real world they are forced to do the forecasters bidding.
    Forecasters are one among the many threats of the United Worlds. U.W for short.
“Tatiana was it? Thank you for the notable information. I will be sure to discuss this matter with my sister at high demand once I see her again.” Luna then skimmed through the throne room and towards the gates of the kingdom where the threat was at its source.
When Luna reached the kingdom gates she was pestered. But when she saw what was awaiting for her, she was truly —. “Hello… sister!” Luna's sister Eclisa was lined up with a single wall of soldiers. “Long time… no see…” Eclisa eerily divulged. She raised her arms in the air announcing herself present. “You are not my sister. I lost her a long time ago.” Luna paused when a faint tear treaded down her cheek unnoticed by the soldiers surrounding her, “So why are you here?” Luna ordered for an answer. “Straight to business I see. Very well. I am here to declare war.” The smile on Eclisa’s face grew with every word she spoke. As if she knew what she where doing, like it was taking candy from a baby. “However,” she continued, “It can be easily avoided. If… you hand over your crown to me.” Luna let out a fake laugh in pity and disappointment. “Is that how desperate you've become? If you think I'm just going to hand over my crown, my kingdom and my people just like that then you must have lost it!” “You must be very brave to be able to talk to me like that, sister. But very well. I leave you until the moon is three trickles full.” (Meaning three fourths full) Eclisa raised her left arm to her soldiers as they began to leave. Eclisa glanced over her shoulder one last time before they left and she laughed. “You never disappoint sister. I have you where I want you now.” 
A soldier turned to Luna and asked, “At you commanded ma’am. Ma’am?” Luna snapped out of her daze and responded as if she where listening. “Right! Schedule a meeting with Tatiana from the southwest elf tribe. Alert my sister, Sunety , of what will be coming. Double in training along with new recruits for the Guard. Is this understood?” “Yes your majesty.” “I also want you to prepare a trip to Prism Prime, for me and Tatiana. While I'm gone I want the kingdom on full lockdown. I shall be back in a few days.”


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