Evergreen: The Dragon War

Evergreen is a magical place, full of elves and magic. If Eir and his best friend Fyllo can't stop the Dragons, the sun will be swallowed and the world will end...


2. The Legend

Fyllo and I searched through the other buildings for other survivors. The four people I found in the inn, returned. Fyllo and I were looking through the last building, it was actually kind of pretty. there were pretty, wooden tables and chairs. there was a building statue of a great wizard in the center of the building. 
"Eir, come here." Fyllo called to me. I walked over to my friend. A large metal vault door was built into the floor. 
"Let's go down there." I said. Fyllo nodded and together we pulled on the door. It opened, revealing a staircase and a woman was screaming. I heard two voices, both saying "push!" The voices belonged to my mother and Fyllo's mother. As we ran down the stairway, the screaming continued. We reached the bottom of the steps, and I lost my vision.
What I saw was like nothing Id ever seen. I could see the baby's soul weaving together, thousands of small strings, weaving in and out, each individual string, a part of its life. It was like watching a spider dance, while weaving its web. Each string had a different, vibrant color. Red, blue, green, along with every other color imaginable, all blended together eventually, to make a pure white.  I also saw something else, the mother's soul, was unraveling itself. The mother was dying. 
"Fyllo, grab something to carry her! We need to hurry!" I said. Fyllo, rushed around and settled on a sheet. Using it like a cot, we carried the mother and the baby outside. We set her down on the stone pathway.
"You could fix this... Reweave her threads... You are the Spirit walker. The judge of souls." A voice boomed in my ear. Without even realizing it, I was grabbing the threads and meshing them together. 
When I came to my senses, I crashed into the fountain. My mother, Fyllo and his mom were all staring at me. 
"What the hell happened?" I asked. Fyllo helped me up.
"You shoved one hand in the mother and another in the child. The two screamed, and the mother's body, just dissapeared." He said, still confused on what had happened.
 "What happened to you boys today?" My mom asked. We sat down and told her everything. When we finished, I told her about the book and Fyllo's weird green solider looking thing, and the weird ablilties and voice I heard. 
"Spirit walker? That's a hero in a myth." Fyllo's mom said, "Long ago, when five dragons came to swallow the planet, a half spirit, half human rose up with a group of bodyguards. The Guardian, the Priestess, the Seer and the Alchemist. Together, the five defeated the dragons and the Seer prophesied that they would each be reborn, and the dragons would return with a new plan." She finished. 
"What was the plan?" Fyllo asked. 
"I have no idea, I bet that the library in Shayclair would know." Fyllo's mother said. 
"Are you saying..." My mom started.
"Yes, Eleon they clearly have something to do. And we have a baby and a town to care of." Fyllo's mother finished for her. She smiled at us. 
"Well, you'll need some money. "My mother said, fishing a small coin purse out of her pocket. " I'll make some sandwiches! " she said. 
"I have something for the both of you." Fyllo's mother said. "Fyllo your dad said he was going on a business trip and to give you and Eir something." She said. We went to Fyllo's house. Me and Fyllo sat down on the couch and Fyllo's mom pulled something out from the closet. It was a large item, wrapped in a cloth, bound by twine. Fyllo unwrapped his, it was a simple wooden longbow, it was perfectly sanded and almost glowed with energy,along with a quiver of arrows, with tips of bone, the most expensive material on the island.
" That is amazing... I wish I knew how to shoot it." Fyllo said, as he did a dagger in a sheathe fell out from the under the bow. "Figures... Dad thinks of everything..." He smiled.
I unwrapped mine. It was a longsword, made of bone. Immediately, I knew what it was. 
"A Drakentooth sword!" I exclaimed. They were durable, sharp, lightweight blades, forged from the bones of a powerful Drakentooth, the closest thing to actual dragons in Evergreen. The had tough scales and large fangs. We suited up with our new equipment, and my mom added somethings into my backpack. First Aid, small food rations a large canteen, and other basic items. 
"Oh, boys please be safe." She said. The baby started crying again and my Fyllo's mom got up and went to cradle her back to sleep. We had laid her to sleep in Fyllo's old crib, made of wood. 
" I love you mom. " I said. She hugged us and they walked us down to the docks. 
"This boat will do. It should take a few hours to reach the mainland. Take turns rowing guys." Fyllo's mother said, pointing to an old wooden rowboat. We stepped in, and rowed out. It was still dark when we left. 
After an hour or so of rowing, I spoke up.
"I am tired." I complained. Fyllo gave me a funny look.
You're not even rowing!" He said. Our boat lurched forward. 
"Hey, cut it out!" I yelled at him. The boat lurched forward again.
"That wasn't me!" He replied, scared. The boat lurched forward again. The water began to churn, and the boat started rocking back and forth. 
"Goddammit! Can't we have some peace and quiet tonight?" I said as a large wave swallowed us. 


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