Evergreen: The Dragon War

Evergreen is a magical place, full of elves and magic. If Eir and his best friend Fyllo can't stop the Dragons, the sun will be swallowed and the world will end...


3. The Clearing

When my eyes opened, I was confused where I was. There was sand everywhere, and water gently crashed into the shoreline. I sat up, looking around. There were trees behind me and the sky was a fluffy blue. There were a few clouds in the sky. Overall, the beach was peaceful. The sand was warm, and there were a small group of turtles slowing making their way to the sea. One stayed behind though and I realized that the turtle was caught in something, and couldn't move. I stood up and walked over to the turtle. There was a crab holding it down. I picked up the crab and broke off it's arms. He flailed for a second and then went lump. Then it hit me, where was Fyllo?
I started searching the beach, holding the turtle who I named Geoffrey. I found Fyllo sitting by a fire. He looked hungry, he saw me, and blinked as if he was making sure I was actually there. 
"E-Eir?" He said. He stood up and ran towards me. He hugged me and his warmth seemed to transfer into my soul, warming it. I was more glad than I thought I would be. He looked a bit roughed up, but it was kind of pretty. His brown hair had sand in it. He brought me over to his fire and explained what had happened. 
"I woke up here about a day ago. Last night was so goddamn cold..." He said. He smiled and offered to help me make a little nest for Geoffrey. We got some grass and made a small bed for Geoffrey. I laid him down and Fyllo insisted that we grabbed some seaweed for him to eat. He got frustrated when I asked if turtles even eat seaweed. It was cute. I felt a bit weird thinking about Fyllo like that. As I thought, I realized that I had always thought of Fyllo as handsome. He was attractive. But that freaked me out some more. I decided to go for a walk by myself, so I stood up, and walked into the forest.
"At least we didn't lose our weapons." I said to no one in particular. The trees were like the ones back in the forests in Tal. Thinking about Tal made me sick. A small creek ran through the forest, it was naturally beautiful. I bent down and took a sip. It was fresh, crisp and cool. It began to get darker, the trees began to get thicker. I walked into a small clearing, there were red and blue flowers everywhere. A large rock laid in the middle, as if it was laid there by the Creators themselves. I remembered the stories that my mom told me when I was young. 
"The Creators were the original elves. There were four of them, a Woodland elf, an Engineer elf, an Orcan and a Mountain elf. Each were good at their own thing. Together they created Evergreen. Then they made the people of Evergreen." She would say. Then she would smile and continue, "but to control the population, they made a monster. The other elves thought it was a test and killed it. Every monster we have now, was born from the evil in a elf's heart." She would finish and then tuck me in. The lamps would go off and I'd fall asleep. My mom said that she used to live in Shayclair when she was a small child. Her father and mother were Engineer Elves and she moved to the Tal village when she met my dad. My dad used to live in Chatair and he was studying magic at the school in Tal. My thoughts were interrupted by a roar that erupted from the opposite end of the clearing. A large creature walked into the clearing. It had scales and massive fangs. It eyes were the color of blood and it had long claws. A Drakentooth. I drew my sword, which was made of the bones of one of these creatures. He stood on two legs, revealing this was a Mr. Drakentooth. It charged at me and I rolled to the side, it reached out it's claw, barely missing my head. His claw ended up hitting a tree, cutting it like butter. He picked up the cut tree and hurled it at me. It smashed into me and I flew backwards. I hit the ground on my butt hit my head on a small rock, I felt the blood run down my face. He roared again, and lumbered over to me. I was frozen and could not move. Right as he was about to mutilate my body and probably eat me, a massive tree-looking thing smashed into the Drakentooth with it's shoulder. The Drakentooth flew backwards. 
"A Dolofondentra!" I said. They were most mysterious, most dangerous creatures Evergreen had ever seen. 
"Get up!" The Dolofondentra told me. "Leave." He said.
"Uh..." I was dumbfounded. The Drakentooth stood up and howled, four more Drakentooth and a large one, covered in armor of bones made their way into the clearing. I began to leave, when they all charged him. They overwhelmed him and it was clear he was going to die. So I turned around and ran towards the nearest Drakentooth. I stabbed it in the back of it's knee and it fell off, the Dolofondentra was massive. He must have been at least 15 feet tall compared to the 8 feet tall Drakentooths. The Drakentooth wearing bone armor, looked at me and charged me. He unsheathed a large sword, at least three times the size of my blade. The blade was made of a different kind of bone than mine. 
"Alright then buddy. Let's dance." I said. I ran at him. He swung and I slid under the blade. I swung my sword behind him, but he turned and deflected my blade at the last second. My sword vibrated from the collision and it staggered me. I stumbled and the Drakentooth took his opportunity, he swung his sword, it slashed my stomach, I saw the blood spray out. I yelled and fell to the ground. Instantly,the Drakentooth was on top of me, his sword ready to kill. Miraculously, I guarded with my blade, our blades made a plus sign, as we struggled. I heard a crack and my sword splintered. 
"I'm dead. Dammit." I said, waiting for my unavoidable death. The Dolofondentra smashed into the Drakentooth's face with it's fist. The Drakentooth was dead. I began gasping for air as I found it harder to breathe. I couldn't see anything except for white spots. Then it all went dark. 
"Eir? Eir?" I heard someone call. They sounded scared. I needed to help them, but I couldn't move. "Eir! There you are!" The person said. Then, I could see. I was at home in Tal and...and my dad was there. Then I saw a little boy, probably about two. He had brown hair and brown eyes, like mine. It was me. I was confused, because this couldn't be a memory. My dad died before I was born. 
"Eir, please don't do that ever again. Please never die again." My dad said.  I wasn't dead though. The two year old me was clearly alive. "Okay, go play. Remember, don't die again." My dad said, smiling. Then my eyes opened.

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