Evergreen: The Dragon War

Evergreen is a magical place, full of elves and magic. If Eir and his best friend Fyllo can't stop the Dragons, the sun will be swallowed and the world will end...


1. The Cave

  Iyratone is the most mysterious, and magical place in Evergreen. Temples and shrines to various deities dot the island. There used to be villages all over but between the bandit raids, monster attacks and other various disasters the villages don't exist anymore. Except for the Tal village. Tal is my home, it is not even close to what it used to be ,but it is still pretty. Stones roads, with small, green plants poke through the seams, where the stones were placed, lead the way from the homes of the residents to the center or town, where all of the stores are. There aren't many houses in Tal anymore because people have moved back to the mainland, but the ones that do remain, are all made of stone with thatched roofs and small little stone chimneys. Our house had a small fenced area for gardening, but after my dad died, my mom made it into a small play area for me and Fyllo. 
Fyllo is my best friend, we grew up together and our parents were best friends. Fyllo's dad kinda stepped in for me after my dad died. Helped me learn the basic spells and the basics of wielding a knife. Fyllo was not the bravest kid in Tal, but I was brave enough for the both of us. That day, for example, we were walking through the jungle near our home. All we had were some sandwiches that my mom made, my leather backpack, Fyllo's satchel and a small knife my dad used to hide under his pillow. The leaves were covering up the sun, and and small animals were crawling around on the branches od the trees. Grass covered the ground and some smashed, rotten fruit was dotted around as well. 
"We've gone pretty far, should we go back? Dad always says that there are dangerous monsters farther from town." Fyllo asked me,  I could almost sense the fear in his voice. 
"Nah, were fine Fy." I told him, continuing on our adventure.
"O-okay, I guess..." Fyllo said back. We continued on for awhile until we came upon a cave. 
"Let's go in!" I said, turning to look at Fyllo, who was thinking it over.
"I'm hungry. Let's go back." He tried to turn around, 
"We'll eat lunch here!" I said, sitting down on a near by rock. I opened my backpack and tossed Fyllo a sandwich. He caught it, nervously sat down and began eating. The cave looked like someone had taken one of the mining drills, that the Engineer Elves had made, and drilled a small hole into a rock. After we finished eating,  we entered the cave. We had no source of light, except the sun, which didn't shine very far. We looked around in the cave, which was empty. I walked over to the middle of the cave room, Fyllo came to stand next to me. 
"This is empty, let's go." He said. 
"You're right. I guess we can look tomorrow." I replied. We took one step forward and a large passageway opened up on the right side of the wall, the passageway emitted light. 
"Oh no. We are not going in there!" Fyllo said, sternly. 
"Fine, stay here." I said, walking into the bright passage. Less than three seconds later, I felt Fyllo's hand on my backpack. I grinned and kept walking. The passage went on forever. Then, finally the passageway ended and a big room came into view. I ran into the room and holy crap it was beautiful. 
The floor was all marble tile. The ceiling was held up by six tall pillars, with four in each corner and two in the middle against the eastern and western walls. There were tables and benches in the room with a large round table in the center with six seats. The walls had massive bookshelves filled with books of different lengths and widths. One book sat on a pedestal on southernmost wall. The book seemed to call my name. Fyllo was exploring the different books so I decided to go see the book on the pedestal. I opened the book and my gut lurched. It was as if my soul and my body were being ripped away from each other. And suddenly I saw Fyllo like he should be, short brown hair, brown eyes, his small figure, but I also saw him as a green, warrior in shining armor, which confused me. My vision returned to normal after a few seconds, Fyllo was against the wall, cowering and I felt incredibly weak. 
"What the hell did you do?" Fyllo screamed at me. He walked over to me carefully as if I would explode. 
"I'm not sure even what happened. " I replied. I stood up and walked over to Fyllo. 
" Well, you shot freaking lasers out of your eyes and then you yelled " THE WORLD HAS BEGUN TO END! " Then you screamed horribly loud and slammed into the ground. " he said. I had no recollection of doing any of those things. I kept the weird version of Fyllo I saw to myself and said " I don't remember anything after opening the book. "
"We need to leave." Fyllo said, turning for the exit, I was a bit dazed and just stood there, "Now!" Fyllo yelled. I hurried after him. We exited the cave and began our journey home. It was dark, and the stars were twinkling. 
"How long was I out?" I asked, because it seemed only a few seconds to me. 
"About three seconds. You shot lasers for like 2 hours and your screaming lasted a few hours I guess." Fyllo replied, I noticed dried blood on his ears. Just then a huge explosion came from the north and was followed by people screaming. 
"That's Tal!" I yelled and we ran back towards the town. Every few minutes a large jet of fire or ice would shoot upwards and another explosion would sound. We ran for awhile until we saw the road leading into the town. 
"Find your mom!" Fyllo yelled, running to his house. I've never run faster in my life. 
My house was empty, which meant my mom was probably in danger. Fyllo came running into my house. 
"Let's go to the town square!" I yelled, dashing out of the house, not bothering to hear Fyllo's answer. The town square usually had a bunch of carts selling various things and people everywhere along with a beautiful marble fountain in the middle. Now, there was just wrecked carts, large scratches in the earth where the blasts must have shot. There were a few bodies and the docks near the square were mutilated. Also there was a massive black monster shooting fire and ice lasers everywhere. 
"What the hell is that thing?!" Fyllo yelled. Over the explosions and the roars the massive monster was making it sounded as if he was whispering. 
"I don't know but it probably wants to kill us " I yelled back. 
"Dammit, I really didn't want to die today..." He yelled. 
"Shut up." I said. I pulled the knife, although I knew it wouldn't help. "We've gotta run for the docks! We can try to swim to a boat!" I yelled. I began to run, but the monster noticed me and swung its massive hand at me. I flew backwards into a building. Dazed, I stood up, and found four people hiding behind the counter of what I guess used to be an inn. One of them had a sword hanging from his belt. 
"Gimme that." I whispered, "then run into the woods." He handed me the sword and I gave him the knife. "For protection" I whispered. I ran out of the door and they ran the opposite way. 
"Fyllo! Try to keep him away from the buildings, there may be people in there!" I called.
Fyllo was attempting to shoot little balls of fire at the monster. The sword was really heavy in my hand, but then it grew lighter and fit my hand perfectly. I barely noticed. I charged the monster and thrusted the sword into his leg. He roared, and looked at me. Then two fire and ice beams shot toward me. My gut lurched and I felt nauseous, the air swirled around me and deflected the beams into the monsters eyes. 
"How did you do that?" Fyllo asked, bewildered. I was just as bewildered as he was.
"I have no idea." I replied. 
"Well, do it again!" Fyllo yelled back. The monster noticed Fyllo and shot towards him. My mind raced, I roared and the wind swirled again, creating a shield of pure light in front of Fyllo, the beams were absorbed and a large beam of light shot out of the shield. It hit the monster in the gut, he roared and turned to stone. Then the wind blew him away. 
"Oh my lord..." Fyllo said, stuttered. 


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