Evergreen: The Dragon War

Evergreen is a magical place, full of elves and magic. If Eir and his best friend Fyllo can't stop the Dragons, the sun will be swallowed and the world will end...


4. The Alchemist

I woke up in the clearing. The Dolofondentra was gone. My wound was healed, and on my back was a sheathe and a new sword. I stood up, and pulled the sword. It was a light and sharp blade. It was amazing. It was a red blade, with a slight curve at the tip. The handle was on right side of the blade. 
"It's name is Kaluzaidomu. The soul blade." said the Dolofondentra, who had just come through the tree. It sat down and began talking, "I am a tree golem, the peaceful race of Dolofondentra's. That sword is from my grandfather. When I was a young boy he told me to give it to whoever the sword said. The sword chose you." 
"I'm not following." I said, confused. 
"The sword attached itself to you." He explained, " You are it's master. It will only obey you. Take care of it and it will take care of you." He smiled. And in that moment, I really saw him clearly. He had large orange eyes, and his skin was made of bark, and it was dark. He had a few twigs sprouting here and there and one or two were sprouting leaves. He stood up, and began to walk away. "I must go now, be careful and do not die again. Your powers can't save you every time." He stood up and walked out of the clearing. I turned and walked the other way. The sun was rising, making the sky a beautiful dark color. 
"Fyllo is so gonna kill me." I muttered to myself and quickened my pace. When I reached the beach, Fyllo was sitting in front of a fire, eating a fish. He saw me, stood up and ran to me. His arm went up and I thought it was for a hug, instead he punched me in the face. He punched hard. I spit a bit of blood out of mouth. My jaw stung a bit.
"I know, I was gone for the night. I am sorry, I was..." I tried explaining, but Fyllo cut me off.
"One night? Try three days!" He yelled. Then swung again, this time though I avoided it and pushed him from behind, he fell forward and got a face full of sand. He scrambled upwards, and swung again. Again I moved out of the way and this time, swept his legs out from under him. Instead of falling, he grabbed my shoulders and I fell with him. I jumped up and Fyllo rolled to side and stood up. Then the weirdest thing happened, Fyllo started laughing. 
"Look at us! This is what we've become! You're some weird prophesied warrior and I am just your best friend." He said. "Let's get going! We gotta get to Shayclair." He said, he went to grab his bow when he was hit with something and slumped over. 
"Fyllo!" I shouted. I saw a purple dart protruding from his neck. Poison. I drew my sword, and just in time for my new sword to meet another friend. As soon as I drew it, another sword struck it. It wasn't a special sword at all. It was a simple steel blade with a nice sharp point. Probably a basic steel sword you could buy from any general store. The wielder of the sword was pretty strong because I was struggling to push him back.  I felt my gut lurch and an aura surrounded me. It glowed, a lot. My attacker was a young boy, about a two years younger than me and Fyllo from the looks of it. He had dark hair and blue eyes, he was average height and didn't have any obvious muscles. His spirit was blue. Unlike Fyllo who was dressed in armor, this person was dressed in robes and had satchels all over. 
Finally, he let up allowing me to knock him back. He dropped his sword, and rushed at me with a dagger. It was unlike any dagger I'd ever seen. When I first saw it, it gave off this weird feeling. Like it was trying to tell me something. The dagger had a groove in it's blade, which was a sapphire color. The guard on it was sparking like diamonds. My blade got caught in the groove and my sword flew from my hand. 
The dagger came inches away from my face. I slammed my hand into the kid's wrist and knocked it out of his hand. He held his hand out toward the dagger and the dagger flew to his hand. I guess I looked shocked or something because the kid stopped.
"Hey, your sword is telling you to do the same." He said. 
"What are you talking about?" I asked, very confused why a kid just told me that my sword talked. 
"Um... I can sometimes hear weapons, well I can hear something talking, and your sword is telling you to do the same." He answered, twirling his dagger around in his hand. 
"O-okay." I said, I held out my hand toward my sword, the sword shook for a few seconds and then flew to me, except it almost took my head off in the process. The sword flew centimeters above my head and then landed on the other side of me. It laid there in the sand, not moving. I tried again and this time it didn't even shake this time. The warm wind seemed to be laughing at my failure. The trees waved, and the water lapped the shore gently. 
"Hey, I thought that the Spiritwalker was supposed to be able to do everything that the Circle could, except better? Did they not teach you that?" He asked, tipping his head to . This boy clearly knew things I did not about the Spiritwalker and his group. 
"Who are you again?" I asked. 
"Name's Toxotis, I am the Alchemist. You're Eir, the Spirit Walker and your friend over there is Fyllo, the Guardian." He said. I remembered Fyllo, and ran over to him.  I pulled the dart from his neck and Fyllo's eyes fluttered open. He was trying to speak but couldn't get words out. 
"It's okay Fy. Everything will be fine." I told him, almost questioning it myself. He pointed to his palm, which I realized was bleeding. The words "Beware the Dragons" was carved into his hand. 
"That's not normal is it?" Toxotis asked. 

Hey everyone. Thanks for reading my story. I want to know what you guys think, please comment or like if you want this series to continue.

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