The Empress' Royal Daughters

Follow the well-known Marie Antoinette as she grows from a young and innocent child into a woman of a foreign court.

Was she manipulated? Was what she did ever her choice? What did she really want?


1. Introduction

This is a work of fiction. Characters,places,incidents and dialogues are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to other stories,events or locales is entirely coincidental.

Constructive comments are welcome, but flames are not tolerated.



I have been sentenced to death by the blade of the guillotine, but I do not fear, for nothing can ever hurt me now. I have tasted betrayal and loss like no other- my beautiful children, ripped from my bosom by the cruel claws of death, my luxuries burnt to the ground by my enemies, my trusted allies turning against me to save their own pathetic skins.

I remember praying, kneeling at the altar of my Austrian home so many years ago, praying that I would one day surpass my sisters and walk before them. I never did mean to leave this universe of worldly enjoyments at such an early stage of my life. I am still so young by Austrian standards. If I am still Queen, so many men will be climbing over each other just to throw themselves at my feet. 

But what is the sheer point of dreaming and wistful thinking when my downfall is near?

Perhaps I should have listened to Empress Mother's advice to live the life of a frugal monarch. Perhaps in all those infuriating letters she wrote, there was a veiled touch of a mother's love and care for a straying child. But it is all too late to think back on what i could have done.

I am innocent of all the crimes that the commodities talk of, but who else believes me? I will insist that I am wronged and refuse to adhere to their ridiculous rules, until they force me upon the headrest and snatch my life from me themselves.


~Marie Antoinette

Queen of France, Archduchess of Austria

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